Beachbody on Demand: Top 10 Questions

Guess what’s EXPLODING?

Streaming Beachbody workouts through Beachbody on Demand.

Beachbody has been the leader in at home fitness for more than a decade and now Team Beachbody Club Members will not only be able to access TONS of great streaming Beachbody titles in their entirely at home, but also on the ROAD.

Do you workout at the gym, in your hotel room or in the hotel gym?

Heck, do you want to workout outside next to your pool?

Where ever you want to workout using Beachbody’s top, most popular fitness programs, including their latest releases…you can.

In this video (and in the Q and A points below) I wanted to take time to give YOU a Beachbody on Demand tour and update of all the content that is now streaming via Beachbody on Demand.

Check it out:

Can you see why we are PUMPED?

We also wanted to help explain the different sections you will find across the different ways to access Beachbody on Demand; be it through your iPhone app, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire stick, Chromecast or via your web browser.


What is Beachbody on Demand Premium Content?

Premium Content you see depends on the application on which you are using Beachbody on Demand. It’s a little confusing currently…but stick with me. 🙂

GENERALLY, it will consist of top rated, newer programs that are NOT available in full in the Member Library.  BUUUUUT, if you have purchased one of the listed programs (P90, CIZE, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Country Heat, Body Beast) you will have FULL ACCESS to the streaming version of the program on any device you are accessing Beachbody on Demand.

BUT, ALL premium Team Beachbody Club Members will still be able to SAMPLE one of the workouts from the premium content list when they log in to their Team Beachbody Customer Account. Even if you have NOT purchased the program.

The plan is to roll out Beachbody on Demand “digital unlocks” for many programs featured as premium content. As I describe below, a Digitial Unlock is a digital only version of a workout program that you’ll retain access to so long as you continue as a Premium Team Beachbody Club Member. See below for more details on availability for the current digital unlocks.


What is the Beachbody on Demand Member Library?

All Premium Team Beachbody Club Members have unlimited access to stream a HUGE selection of Beachbody fitness programs. The fitness programs available to stream under the Member Library section currently include: Continue Reading →


New Coach Camp ALL STAR – Katy E.

Coach Basics Team Beachbody | The Graues


SHOUTout time…one of my favorite things to do!

This past Sunday we put the finishing touches on another 30-day New Coach Camp…and Katy E. was SHINING BRIGHT throughout!

Katy recently completed her first round of 22 Minute Hard Corps while incorporating Shakeology…and she got AWESOME results.

She is now making a HUGE impact by hosting her OWN…and her FIRST, Beachbody Challenge Group while paying it forward in a big…BIG…BIIIIIIIG way by leading EIGHTEEN people!! 18!

Katy wears MANY hats…wife, mom to a 1 year old son, PE teacher and now Beachbody Coach (…and others for sure).

If you have SUMMER GOALS…and you know Katy, I recommend you connect with her about how you can join her team and/or enroll in her upcoming group that begins on Monday July 11th.

Please extend a BIG congrats on her awesome results AND more importantly for taking the step to PAY it forward for so many.


Diamond Rank Advancement – Brenda E.

Diamond Coach Beachbody

It’s a big day for Brenda E. and the awesome team SHE is growing and leading as she advanced to a DIAMOND Team Beachbody Coach.

I will always remember that my cousin Christine introduced me to Brenda and her husband Mark, and that they went on to join our team on my birthday a few years ago, and what a gift they have been to me. 🙂

During that time I’ve been grateful to learn from and be inspired by Brenda and watch how she manages to WORK at her dream and vision while prioritizing first being a wife and full time, present mom to 3 active teenage boys…who also commutes 90 miles round trip working full time outside of the home.

She’s open, honest and transparent about her journey….because she understands the value of that accountability for herself and the hope she gives others. She’s eager to learn and lead others. She’s a hard worker and someone of high integrity that I look forward to chatting with each week.

I couldn’t be happier for her to hit this milestone and we PAUSE to celebrate it while keeping our eye on the next one, too. 🙂


What is the Beachbody Leadership Ladder?

beachbody Leadership Ladder | The Graues


When you set out to play a new game you generally have a sense of how you get started, how to play and how to win. But spending a few minutes reviewing the rules guides all participants while shortening the learning curve.

The same can be said about the directions that come with that corner desk you purchased at IKEA…although those picture diagrams are even more valuable (and 10 times harder to understand than the game directions). That’s a fact.

When it comes to being a Beachbody Coach we have many tools to help guide us, too.

There are thousands of coaches who have lead the way…ordinary, busy people who have proven that ANYone can choose to create a healthy life of freedom, though not everyone will.

We have the 3 Vital behaviors that guide us DAILY. Our team has frequent 30-day New Coach Camps to help learn the fundamentals to start quickly and succeed for the long-term. We have the 2-day Business Quick Start Guide that we work with during our initial calls.

And…we have the Leadership Ladder

So much of what a Team Beachbody Coach or prospective Team Beachbody Coach may hear about or think about as it relates to growing a team, creating leadership and earning an income at home while getting healthy and fit relates to business ranks.

Coach rank, Emerald rank, Diamond rank, Star Diamond Rank, Elite Coach…and so on.

These are key, no question.

But…the Leadership Ladder and its steps are VERY complimentary to those Team Beachbody ranks and is an AMAZING tool to help GUIDE you with duplicating and growing your team. Why is this important?? Because it’s ONLY through duplicating and growing your team that you exponentially will expand your influence and your income. There are many things that help to grow a team such as fostering a solid team culture of growth and service (NOT SELL, SELL, SELL…), building in accountability to invite people to join your team, learning to share you personal and team vision with confidence, and more.

Becoming a Diamond Beachbody Coach is a big deal deserving of recognition and celebration. But know this… Continue Reading →


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