The Vision for Team TransformNation

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I hope it’s ok that I tell you a little story that arrives at the current vision for our team…which we are SUPER EXCITED about.

To start, lets’s go back 7 1/2 years to late 2009 when I was battling having both a grand vision of a different future for our family AND several different types of fear PRIOR to enrolling as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Fear of the work it would take.
Fear of what people would think of me.
Fear of posting my vision on social media.
Fear of the person I would have to become to be successful.
Fear that I could fail.

But despite all of those fears, I decided to enroll on January 4th, 2010 (after a 3 1/2 months of him-hawing.) I just COULD NOT stop thinking of this grand vision in my head of having a team working on their own fitness AND spreading their message within their families and communities in ALL 50 STATES.

It was because of this vision that team fit50 was born.

It was something that I could share enthusiastically with people, and when I would talk to them they were able to feel my passion about it. We rolled with Team fit50 for 3+ years and progressed into well over 30 states. I even spent like $2,000 on the domain name AND went through the process of paying an attorney to trademark this LOGO and the term “fit50.”

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In hindsight, I’d really wish I’d not done that. LOL! #understatement. But, it’s one of MANY failures and missteps we’ve endured on the path to also realizing success.

Then, in early 2013 I started to consider changing the name for a few reasons.

  1. It turned out to be a shortsighted vision being that in late 2012 Team Beachbody launched in Canada and we were going to find coaches on our team there as well. And we did.
  2. One of the most common questions I would repeatedly get was something to the effect of,”Oh, fit50. So do you only help people over 50 get active and fit?” The common answer was that I help them, but that I did not discriminate based on age. 🙂 I wanted to get EVERYONE active and healthy.

So for these reasons I started asking around the team for ideas. I also remember sitting around the table at a Summit dinner in the Las Vegas MGM Grand with 10 amazing leaders on our team and discussing the idea and throwing out team name ideas. Continue Reading →


Beachbody on Demand: Top 10 Questions

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Guess what’s EXPLODING?

Streaming Beachbody workouts through Beachbody on Demand.

Beachbody has been the leader in at home fitness for more than a decade and now Team Beachbody Club Members will not only be able to access TONS of great streaming Beachbody titles in their entirely at home, but also on the ROAD.

AND…we’re talking access to EVERY Beachbody program EVER released!

Do you workout at the gym, in your hotel room or in the hotel gym?

Heck, do you want to workout outside next to your pool?

Where ever you want to workout using Beachbody’s top, most popular fitness programs, including their latest releases…you can.

Can you see why we are PUMPED?

We also wanted to help explain the different sections you will find across the different ways to access Beachbody on Demand; be it through your iPhone app, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire stick, Chromecast or via your web browser.


Click Here to Download our checklist of Top 10 “Must do” workouts in the Beachbody on Demand Member Library.


What is Beachbody on Demand Premium Content?

Premium Content you see depends on the application on which you are using Beachbody on Demand. It’s a little confusing currently…but stick with me. 🙂

GENERALLY, it will consist of top rated, newer programs that are NOT available in full in the Member Library.  BUUUUUT, if you have purchased one of the listed programs (Core de Force, CIZE, 21 Day Fix, Country Heat, INSANITY Max:30, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Body Beast) you will have FULL ACCESS to the streaming version of the program on any device you are accessing Beachbody on Demand.

BUT, ALL premium Team Beachbody Club Members will still be able to SAMPLE one of the workouts from the premium content list when they log in to their Team Beachbody Customer Account. Even if you have NOT purchased the program.

UPDATE: With ALL ACCESS…EVERY Beachbody on Demand member has access to EVERY program EVER.

What is the Beachbody on Demand Member Library?

All Premium Team Beachbody Club Members have unlimited access to stream a HUGE selection of Beachbody fitness programs. The fitness programs available to stream under the Member Library section currently include: Continue Reading →


7 years as a Team Beachbody Coach

Chad Katie Graue | The Graues

Today, January 4th, 2017,  marks 7 years to the day since we sat at a computer (3 houses ago…) to enroll as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Knowing that this day was approaching, we’ve spent some time the last few weeks reflecting back on those 7 years, doing an honest evaluation of where we are currently AND, most importantly, where we still DESIRE to go…potentially, with YOU, if you’re interested.

The first thing that ALWAYS comes to mind when reflecting on what this experience has meant to us is THE PEOPLE.

The people we’ve met, the incredible friendships we’ve made, the learning and social events we’ve attended and organized, the 1:1 conversations and mentoring that has taken place…the HUSTLE we’ve done together over time. We can’t describe the value that has brought to us. We’re so grateful.

The universe does indeed have a way of connecting you with amazing people who “get” you and who you “get” in return.

A close second is the TRANSFORMATIONS we have witnessed among our friends, within our team and the people they have impacted in communities all over the US and Canada.

We are talking about transformations of all kinds…50 and 100+ lbs weight losses, people overcoming food addiction, dramatic changes in confidence, people learning more marketable skills that they are taking to jobs they love, people getting RIPPED…people running their first ever half and full marathons, parents overcoming financial hardship, people adopting and learning healthy life skills that they TEACH to their kids, people being able to leave the 9-5 workforce or reduce their hours to be present at home more often.

What our team and ALL of Team Beachbody (including the 35,872 coaches that started before us) has achieved the last 7 years is incredible. The number of people that are sacrificing and working hard as “coaches” to achieve generational health change FIRST in their home and then others truly blows. our. mind.

It’s what makes us proud to be a Team Beachbody Coaches and to say that with confidence when someone asks.

We are a company of PURPOSE with an incredible leader in Carl Daikeler. He knows what makes the Coach Network special is NOT that we are a “Multi-Level Marketing” company…

It’s that we are TRANSFORMATION company.

That’s something we believe people WANT to be a part of…

That’s initially WHY we were interested…because the products of theirs that we used which HELPED US make a dramatic transformations. It was something we could stand behind with confidence.

What makes #TeamBeachbody special IS NOT that it's an MLM company, but a TRANSFORMATION company Click To TweetMy mission and focus moving forward is to help more people fall in love with convenient, low-cost products that work and that will help them make the transformation that they SEE as possible.

Our mission is to help people SEE the value of connecting with a group of people that will empower their success WHILE they make their transformation.

Our mission moving forward is to help more parents with multiple competing priorities prioritize themselves and to see the BENEFIT of sharing their experience with others.

Our mission moving forward is to help people understand the pivotal role they can play in public health by focusing on their health AND SHARING what they learn….AND their results with others.

Our mission moving forward is to continue exercising and eating right MOST of the time because we feel it’s our RESPONSIBILITY, and we don’t prefer to feel like shit.

If we focus on these things and on becoming a better version of ourselves over time…good things will also happen with my business…It’s the Law of Reciprocity.

And it’s these principles that have been the foundation of ANY successful Team Beachbody Coach that’s been successful for the long term…NOT that they were a Multi-Level Marketing Pro.

Our mission moving forward IS NOT to find more Multi-Level Marketing Pros to pursue our mission, OR to personally chase a rank or title…

This we have recently become SUPER clear on.

If this message “gets you in the feels” you should message us to learn about partnering up on this mission. We can’t do it alone, and neither can you.

LAST and certainly not least…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of the tremendous support we, along with and our incredible team of coaches has received since we started.

Cheers to MUCH more…


Team Beachbody Success Stories: Dec. 2016

Beachbody Success Story | The Graues

Meet Jodi C.

Jodi is a fellow graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, the same college that we graduated from in the early 2000s. We first reconnected with Jodi when she popped up on Facebook as “someone I might know” back in 2013. I have been inviting her to join my monthly accountability groups for years.

Finally, she was intrigued by my Country Heat group in July of 2016 and sent me the following message.

“Honestly, I’m just looking for something a little different. Lately, I’ve done 21 Day Fix & the Body Beast workouts. I’ve gotten away from the accountability aspect of my program and would like to get back to that. I’m not a big country music fan but it sounds like fun. I love to dance.”

Needless to say, Jodi did end up joining my Country Heat Group after doing Beachbody fitness programs on her own for years. She was hesitant about Shakeology at first but now faithfully drinks her Vanilla shake every day! I think it’s safe to say she’s a true believer in Beachbody programs, Shakeology, and my accountability groups!!!

What motivated Jodi to start her transformation?

“To get in better shape & tone up.”

What has she enjoyed MOST about her challenge group experience?

“The accountability…kept me working out even when I wanted to stop.”

What Beachbody Products has she used during her transformation?

“Shakeology, Country Heat, and currently 21 Day Fix Extreme along with 3 Week Yoga Retreat.”

What are her results as of in her 30 day Challenge Group?

“I’ve lost 6.6 pounds & 5.5 inches!”

Way to go Jodi! <3 having you in the monthly groups!


Coach success Story with family | The Graues

Meet Katy Elbe – 5K Club Member

We want to extend a BIG, BIG congrats to Emerald Coach Katy Weber Elbe for joining the “5K Club” by hitting the $5,000 earning milestone as a Team Beachbody Coach!!

Katy has been happily married to her husband Matt for 6 years and they have a son, Keaton, who will be 2 in February. They also love Harley, their Labradoodle!

Why did you choose to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

“I began coaching in order to receive the 25% Coach discount, but quickly fell in love with the opportunity to help others in their health and fitness journeys while helping my family with a little extra income, in turn.”

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.

How has Team Beachbody Coaching changed your life?

“Being a coach has provided me with built-in ACCOUNTABILITY that has allowed me to reach my goals while helping others to do the same. Continue Reading →