JAW-DROPPING Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

Ulitimate Reset Review Testimonial | The Graues

Sometimes you see or hear about an incredible health and lifestyle transformation. One that makes you say, “REALLY!?!?!?”

That certainly has been the case with some of the daily, monthly, quarterly and grand prize Beachbody Challenge winners.

It also is the case for my friend Kevin, who recently committed to and then completed the 21-Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Back in January we had been talking about him implementing Shakeology, and then later in the month he texted me a picture of his cholesterol lab results (above). He was ready.

He made the decision to start his health transformation immediately, ordered the Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack and looked forward to starting his fitness journey.

We connected before he started to make sure he had everything, understood the supplement regimen and I also reviewed many of the points that I went into detail on in this complete review of week 1 of the Ultimate Reset.

We went onto connect via text and Facebook message several times throughout the 21 days. It was evident to me with his confidence and tone that he was KILLING IT, staying focused and feeling amazing.

He ended the first WEEK down 10 pounds.

As he approached his final few days we touched base again and made plans to start his fitness regimen, determining that Les Mills Pump and Combat would get him to where he wanted to be while doing exercises he could look forward too.

At the completion of his 21 days I received a text with a pretty straight forward testimonial.

He typed, Holy Shit!”

This was in the response to his Total and LDL-Cholesterol dropping close to 40% and his Triglycerides by 50%.


He DID NOT start medication. This was a diet-related change.

OH, did I mention he also lost 13 pounds??

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The cool part is that we BOTH are pharmacists…choosing to put an emphasis and effort into real lifestyle modifications. He now has an amazing testimonial to share with his customers about the importance of choosing to adopt lifestyle modifications in a time when soooo many choose to skip them and go straight to medications with little time or financial investment into the ONE modality that gets to the root cause.

So, Kudos to Kevin. I couldn’t be happier for him and to watch him continue to get more fit.

If you need to make a lifestyle change, or your pharmacist or physician has indicated that you need to make a lifestyle change, then please invest 3 minutes of your day to watch this video to fully understand why the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a Game Changer.

And, Yes I WANT to coach you on it.

I GUARANTEE the support will exceed your expectations. Obesity is my fight, and you’ll believe it when we work together.

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