Do you need to be fit to be a Beachbody Coach?

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Primary focus for me in 2014—> Help more people see the value of STARTING (or continuing on) their fitness or weight loss transformation as a coach on my team BEFORE reaching their goal.

Yes, I said START.

A lot of people LOVE the idea of becoming a coach for the added accountability and to help people in their network of family and friends, of joining a team of health-minded, regular people who have plugged into a duplicable system, and of earning extra income in doing so.

I had this conversation A LOT in 2013, and, regrettably, I was unsuccessful in helping more people than I had hoped to see the value of starting where they are NOW, vs where they ultimately want to be.

The hang-up for so many is the title “Team Beachbody Coach.”

KNOW THIS: Getting a “Beachbody” is NOT what this is about. Do some people have Beachbodys? Of course, and if that’s their goal then wonderful for them! Is it a prerequisite to be a coach? HECK NO!

Here’s what people can expect by choosing to say “Losing this weight and gaining my health and confidence is important to me… and I’m DOING it. And you’re going to watch it happen. I’m going to SHOW you the way.”

– Added Accountability to making PROGRESS
– Support from your peers and your new team
– People will relate to you for where you currently are…and if you’re willing to put yourself out there, share your journey and INVITE people to join you, you can have financial success as a coach.

I have seen it over and over again on our team…and many will see it next week when I publish our diamondELITE coach network 2013 year in review video Lots of amazing transformations as we all continue on our IMPERFECT JOURNEY together.

Brian Curry, Renae Holzem, Shannon Hein, Erica Kuhn LaMarche, Teresa Jacobs Durbin, Merry Hun….these are just a FEW of the names that come to mind that have inspired me on our team the last year as they SAW this vision and decided to act on it.

I’m serious about this, and it’s going to be a common theme for me this year.

I’m looking for people to highlight on my page and in my blog that are serious about making big changes.

There are lots of amazing stories still to be told.

CHOOSE to be one of them.

Help us to learn about YOUR goals by answering these few questions.

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