What’s the difference between Tropical Strawberry and Strawberry Shakeology?

Tropical and Strawberry Shakeology | The Graues

“What’s the difference between the new Strawberry Shakeology and Tropical Strawberry Shakeology?”

This has been a popular question since Strawberry Shakeology was introduced as the 6th Shakeology flavor and began shipping on January 13th.

Well, now that our monthly autoship has arrived and we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a few of the newest flavor of this popular superfood-rich premium health shake we wanted to answer the question as it relates to their consistency / texture, taste and protein source.

Because of the protein source, Strawberry Shakeology generally blends up a little creamier than Tropical Strawberry (that is with blending each of them with unsweetened almond milk). We’d say that the Tropical blends up with a “lighter” consistency and, as is common with most VEGAN protein shakes, would be considered to have a “grainier” texture than the whey-based shakes. It’s still absolutely delicious!!

There’s not a major taste difference between the two, except the fruitiness of the Strawberry Shakeology is lighter and more, well, strawberryey As expected, right?

Both flavors have a proprietary protein blend with chia, quinoa, amaranth, pea protein, flax and sacha inchi, BUT the MAIN protein source for each is different. Strawberry is sourced primarily with Whey protein, whereas Tropical Strawberry is a VEGAN shake primarily sourced with brown rice protein. BOTH are super high quality.

We hope this helps, and honestly, this pretty much characterizes the differences between Chocolate Shakeology and VEGAN Chocolate Shakeology, too.

If you’re NOT familiar with Shakeology, this brief video captures exactly why we’ve used it for 4 years.

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