7 Tips for Getting Started with Exercise

Getting Started with Exercise | The Graues

You’ve made the decision to start.. EXCELLENT!! We wanted to share some tips for success that we’ve taken away from our personal transformation and those of the MOST successful Challenge Participants we’ve had the last few years.

1. Know WHY you are starting

Your WHY is your liquid gold. It’s what you will fall back on when you face challenges or setbacks and want to miss a workout or stop altogether. We ALL have a reason for starting, and it’s critical that you determine what’s important to you and then STAY connected to it.  Maybe it’s because a recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure in yourself, a friend or relative. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired, or of your clothes NOT fitting you comfortably.Maybe it’s ALL of those and more….Whatever it is, just KNOW your WHY.

 2. Plan tomorrow’s exercise TODAY

What if you wake up at 8am and you’ve just slept through the BEST, maybe the only time you could have worked out for the day. #FAIL.Trust me, if you are NOT intentional about planning your exercise, then you are planning to fail. Communicate with your spouse or partner, tell the kids or the cat…and schedule an appointment WITH YOU FOR YOUR FUTURE health. Use a calendar if it helps, but make sure to know when you are exercising tomorrow before you go to bed today.

 3. Have an Accountability or Success Partner

Accountability is KING…specifically with exercise and changing your habits to get healthier. Millions of people choose NOT to drop their ego and try to determine a plan all by themselves and keep at it all by themselves. I can promise you that people DRAMATICALLY increase their chances for quick results that last when they connect with an accountability partner or group.This is an area where we KNOW we can be of value to you, by leading you and exercising with you, in the monthly Jump Start groups we host online each month. If this interests you, watch this brief 3 minute video and then Apply.

4. FOOD MATTERS…but don’t change everything at once.

Let me be clear…YOUR. FOOD. MATTERS. PERIOD.  If you want sub-par to good results, just get active. If you want great results, choose to LEARN how to eat and be open to evolving and learning about food. Often times, that’s what we need to realize; that we need to relearn how to eat. It can be daunting at first, but it also will be liberating when you start to feel and look amazing by focusing on clean eating with your exercise.But a word of caution: don’t try to change everything at once. YES…there are things you know you have to take out of your diet. But I recommend you focus on adding more good foods into your diet than focusing on all the bad ones you should be taking out. Try 1 new recipe per week, and try 1 new produce item per week. Keep it simple and continue to evolve for the long-term.

5. CHOOSE water.

Water is where it’s at.Drinking calories…Not so much. Soda, diet soda, doctored up coffee and alcohol have been sabotaging results for decades. But not for you, because you are going to be AWARE of the number of calories you drink on a daily basis. You’re also going to be intentional about drinking water because you are going to have a specific daily target. Your daily target in ounces of water equals half of your body weight in lbs. So, a 200 lb. person should be, at a minimum, consuming 100 oz. of water EACH day.

Bottom line, choose water.

6. Pick a day to start within 10 days from TODAY

Have you heard of the law of diminishing intent? It says that the longer you wait to begin something the greater the likelihood you’ll never even start it. So, look at your calendar and pick a start date within 10 days from today. That day will be as good of a day as any, and the perfect day or week is NEVER on your horizon.Just get started.

7. Take a BEFORE Picture

Oh the power of the before picture. You MUST, MUST, MUST take a before picture, at least a front pic. Preferably a front, side and back view. There’s somethings incredibly powerful in seeing the changes you create through your discipline and persistence.  And you want to have the documentation of your transformation. Don’t forget that Beachbody awards $500 daily to different people who complete their programs and submit their results for consideration of the Beachbody Challenge. Better yet…several hundred thousand dollars are awarded throughout the year and at the annual Coach Summit Celebration in Las Vegas. So, smile pretty and take that selfie. 🙂

I hope this helps get you started, don’t forget to “Like” our page on Facebook and connect with us often. We’d love the opportunity to share in your progress and success.

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