21 Day Fix Vegetarian Weekly Meal Plan

21 Day Fix Start | The Graues

Day 1 was a BIG SUCCESS…as was the remainder of week 1 of the 21 Day Fix.

I stuck to my personalized 21 Day Fix Meal Plan (See Below) and I CRUSHED my workouts. The only thing I wish I would have done better was get more restful “skinny” sleep.

Let’s face it, while we only exercise 30 minutes per day on the 21 Day Fix (yay!)  that still leaves 23 1/2 hours where we have to be disciplined with our foods.

Probably MY BEST investment of time that set me up for success was the hour or so that I spent looking through the food options for each container…and then I printed out my plan (see below, and feel free to download it).

Knowing what to eat when, and being confident in that decision and the portions I had measured in the 21 day Fix container was critical.

Now, I mentioned a meal plan, and wanted to expand on that for the rest of this post because both my challengers and my facebook friends thought this was GOLD. I do eat mostly vegetarian, so that is what you will see on my meal plan. That’s one of the things I LOVE about the 21 day fix meal plan…your freedom to choose and be flexible.

21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan | The Graues

I had my Shakeology in the afternoon each day, and that worked well, but I will have it for breakfast a few days next week. Especially on my way to work on Wednesday.

We found that the Nasoya brand organic pre-cut tofu worked best for prepping meals quickly. Is there a specific brand you enjoy. If so, please comment below.

My calorie target for the 21 Day Fix is 1200 – 1499 calories each day which means, 3 green containers, 2 purple containers, 4 red containers, 2 yellow containers, 1 orange container and 2 tsp of oil.  I’ll be honest, I really didn’t fill the orange container all the way to the top with my vinegar and oil based dressing, so that saved some calories.

I would say my BIGGEST success of week 1 was not caving into my sweet tooth cravings.. especially with Girl Scout Cookies in the house!!! hahaha. I do lose 3 lbs. in week #1, too. 🙂

My current 21 Day Fix Challengers are rocking it, too, and seeing them succeed is absolutely driving my success. If you would like to be considered for my Next Jump start group you can apply here.

NOW…as far as resources go for vegetarian doing the 21 Day Fix, we’ve got you covered.

You can download our COMPLETE 21 Day Fix Toolkit below which has the following:

  • 21 Day Fix Vegetarian Weekly Menu Option #1
  • 21 Day Fix Vegetarian Weekly Menu Option #2
  • 21 Day Fix 11 page COMPLETE Beachbody Vegan Eating Guide
  • 21 Day Fix Weekly NON-Vegetarian Menu with 3 Day Quick Fix
  • 21 Day Fix Weekly Menu Template
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme “Countdown to Competition” Weekly Menu Template
  • Vegan Based Eating plan Tally Sheet
  • NON-Vegan based 21 Day Fix Container Tally Sheets
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme Tally Sheets


Click Here to Download our COMPLETE 21 Day Fix toolkit for FREE. NON-Vegan and Vegan weekly menus, customizable menu templates and Tally Sheets.

Let us know what you think and if you have any Suggestions for us to incorporate for our 21 Day Fix Community members!

Thanks and all the best to you on your transformation. 🙂

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  • Would you be willing to share all 21 days of your vegetarian menu?

    • Hey Tracey! You can see all the options on the menu above. 🙂 Let us know of further questions.

  • Denise

    Any vegetarian replacements for.tofu? I don’t eat it or soy….

    • Hey Denise! There actually are many…we personally prefer to eat more eggs, egg whites, shakeology, protein smoothies. Different types of fish, etc.

  • Katie

    Do you have a shopping list to go with the above Week 1 meal plan?

    • Hey Katie! We use the container lists as our Shopping list. As you can see from the menu, we really don’t often make “recipes” but rather pick items from the different foods lists. Does that make sense?

  • vaunda banks

    Sounds like a system everyone who should lose weight could use if willing to do it for themselves but what I would like to know is it good system for those who has had heart attacks

    • HI Vaunda. Thanks for the question! It’s a great system that had modifications for folks of any fitness level. When approved by your physician post heart attack, physical exercise is a key component of lowering your risk for additional heart attacks. Again, as per your doctor’s recommendation and release. And specifically vegetarian meal plans are a great option in individuals with a history of heart disease.