Beachbody Challenge Success Story – Renae

beachbody Challenge testimonial | The Graues

Who doesn’t love a great success story?

I wanted to share a picture of my friend Renae. We initially connected when an INSANITY challenge group graduate and fraternity brother of mine referred her to me to help her get started making some healthy changes in 2012.

While our initial conversations didn’t result in us working together, one year later we did connect when she made the decision to join a challenge group of mine. She was ready to capitalize on the weight loss she had achieved through running and committed to Focus:T25, Shakeology and being a member in our Jump Start group.

She quickly became a leader in the group, and also made the courageous decision soon after to take her health transformation a step further by quitting smoking. As of the day I write this, she is 40+  pounds lighter, is smoke free for 3 months, is training to run a half marathon in April 2014…AND confidently wears red lipstick, which was a BIG step for her.

I am so proud of Renae and am grateful to continue to grow our friendship and see her blossom into a leading Team Beachbody Coach.

If you’re interested in getting started on your transformation, make sure to share your goals with us here!

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