Is Salmon good on a Salad?

Salmon recipe idea | The Graues

In a word……YES!

People often ask us for healthy and quick meal ideas, and this salmon salad is one of them.

The thing we LOVE about salads is that there’s not a right or wrong way to make them….UNLESS YOU DRENCH IT IN DRESSING!! LOL #saladFAIL

We kept this one VERY simple. Just a 4 oz. portion of lightly sauteed salmon, on top of pre-washed organic spring greens, cherry tomatoes, red onion and toasted pumpkin seeds.

How was this quick??

WE PLANNED…the salmon was just re-heated after being prepped on food prep day, the pumpkin seeds were toasted in bulk a few weeks back and ALL the veggies were pre-washed. It literally was put together in 3-4 minutes. That’s a lot faster than pulling through a drive through for a high margin, over priced, calorie-dense highly processed meal…

This meal is FAT FULL…. and THAT, my friend, is a GOOD thing… We dressed it in a little olive oil (and  salt, pepper, lemon and red wine vinegar). That, in combination with the pumpkin seeds and salmon make for a healthy dose of poly- and monounsaturated fat. AGAIN, this is A GOOD thing. The attack on “fat” in the diet the past few decades has resulted in an onslaught of CHEMICALLY LOADED “fat free” products on the market. STAY AWAY!!!!

Anynow.. sorry for the mini rant. All I intended to do is share a healthy, quick salmon recipe that I thought you would enjoy.

Have a blessed day!!

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