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(by Katie Graue)

I will be the first to tell you that I am by no means a fitness fanatic. I still have to talk myself into pushing play and I sometimes miss a workout or two or more. All I know is that I always feel amazing after it’s over! In addition to the long list of health benefits of exercising, I feel stronger, leaner, more confident, more flexible, and HAPPIER when I do it. The above picture is me doing my thing during my PiYo workout this morning after way too many missed workouts than I’d like to admit. The best part about it was that all it took was one workout and I’m hooked again ☺

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When we asked our current challenge group what their favorite thing about PiYo was, here’s what they said…

“For such a low impact workout, PiYo makes me feel very powerful and strong
.” ~LF

“CHALENE!!!!…and an a practical, fun way to incorporate stretching and a focus on durability that is a challenge to make happen for SOOOO many.
” ~CG

“Chalene! She can fool me into thinking any workout is enjoyable!
” ~AP

“I too enjoy Chalene & find her motivating. I absolutely how after each workout my muscles feel lengthened & strengthened! It carries over throughout the day & has given me increased confidence. Never thought I’d do as many push-ups as I have already.“

“The feeling of stress leaving my body. My muscles are relaxed and mood is energized.” ~BK

“Feeling rejuvenated after every workout, ready to take on the day. Oh, and working out with my husband. It’s nice to have someone help make sure you’re aligned!

“I love the stretch & strength together!!!!“

“Tricep push-ups! And down dog with stretching my leg to the ceiling…reach…

“I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m able to take a pose deeper or move from the modified version to the intermediate. And Chalene is very motivating and I find myself pushing harder every time she asks.” ~KA

“I love how my body feels after completing each workout- longer, leaner and stronger. I also love feeling like I am getting a great workout even though it’s low impact, kind of like exercising….without exercising.” ~HP

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