Slim in 6 testimonial…FREEDOM at 50

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It’s a TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY and we wanted to share the testimonial of Jacqueline K, one of our 30 Day Jump Start Participant turned EMERALD Team Beachbody Coach.

Here it is in HER WORDS…

“I turned 50 on December 31 2012,

I decided after being overweight for the past 10 years that I wanted FREEDOM AT 50, I wrote that down in my journal and had no idea how I would do it because I had already tried many times and failed within the first month.

I could never sustain a plan or program.

A year ago I met my coach Katie Graue and she got me set up with a challenge pack of Shakeology and my first BEACHBODY workout, SLIM IN 6. Soon after she put me in a challenge group. I stuck with it for 9 weeks and got RESULTS.

I became a coach to keep myself accountable.

It has been a year now with SHAKEOLOGY, clean eating , CHALENE EXTREME, 21day FIX, ULTIMATE RESET and now PIYO.

I am so happy I have made this investment in my health and fitness it is worth the hard work . So thankful for all my Beachbody challenge group friends who keep me accountable and make this journey more fun.

My inner thinner self is making it’s way to the surface again….Freedom at 50 I like it and I thank God for the grace to END THE TREND.”

What a blessing it is to connect people with programs that work and keep them actionable so that their health and their life can be transformed in so many ways.

If you have a transformation you’d like to make...let’s get started.

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