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It’s Transformation Tuesday…and the timing couldn’t be better to share both an inspiring story (please read) and to report on the incredible progress being made by Sean O. About 3-4 weeks ago he and I set a goal to reach the 50# weight loss mark by today, Veterans Day, and despite tweaking a knee a week ago he MADE. IT. HAPPEN.

I know his page has already BLOWN UP with love and support today as he shared his achievement, but I wanted to get in on the fun while also putting the Beachbody Challenge Success Stories team and Carl Daikeler on notice about the special commitment Sean has demonstrated since August when he started my August Challenge Group,

Sean and I were actually connected when he came to me from Beachbody as a customer who recently ordered P90X. So, like I always do, I reached out to introduce myself and to learn about Sean and to see when we was starting, what questions he had, etc. His response literally FLOORED me…

“My decision to get started has not been an easy one. My wife has always been after me about taking better care of myself and I know she was always right, but I never listened. She had become really motivated recently and was taking great care of herself and really pushed me to do the same. She passed away unexpectedly during a surgical procedure on June 5, 2014 (a month and half ago), at the age of 37, and I’ve decided that, with four girls that need and depend on me at home, it’s time I woke up and realized that I’ve put this off for far too long. I know this is something she would have wanted me to do.

I’ve got a long way to go and I’ve been a little intimidated after reading some of the information about P90X but I’m thinking if I pace myself carefully, particularly in the beginning, that I can do this. I have to.”

I remember at the time I read that I literally sat up straight in my chair to respond, and just felt a heightened sense of responsibility for what I do. I don’t know…hard to explain. And I just remember being thankful that I was going to be able to help him out in some way…and more importantly to witness his success.

One of the things I’ve loved most about Sean’s approach is that from our first call he was determined not to be losing weight for a quick fix; that he was adopting a healthy lifestyle…AND HE HAS. And because he has, in completing Focus T25 (we decided to work toward completing P90x), focusing on healthy snacking and eating more produce, and incorporating Strawberry Shakeology he has lost 50 pounds since he started his journey. 44 pounds since August 4th. You read that right.

Included in this pic are his wife and his four girls…his WHY and his motivation for starting and not stopping. I’m grateful to have crossed paths with you buddy, and look forward to your continued success and to your continued friendship.



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