21 Day Fix Success Story – Ashley M.

21 Day Fix Breastfeeding | The Graues

SUPER PROUD COACH MOMENT…for a $500 daily Beachbody Challenge WINNER!!!

I’m not sure where to begin with my praise for Ashley, so first let’s start with the QUALITY of person she is. I’ve had the good pleasure of connecting with her the last few years after she initially came to me as a Beachbody Customer.

Soon after we were connected, she and Justin became pregnant with their now 1 year old daughter, Sophia (who sometimes gets to join our Zoom video conferences ), She ended up not starting her program during pregnancy, but committed to connect post pregnancy to be a part of a challenge group.

She was very serious about getting back into shape so she PLANNED and SACRIFICED to make it happen and joined a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group and started Shakeology on June 3rd (the date her before picture was taken in this pic).

She has gone on to regain her health by losing 70+ pounds and dropping 45 inches and shrink in her shorts that she now has to fold over and tie super tight. She also is leading and connecting friends and family and has advanced to be an EMERALD COACH!!

One of the things I LOVE about Ashley is that she had the courage and saw the value of sharing her entire journey by STARTING as a Coach. Leading others DOES hold you accountable. She also has been an amazing coach for fellow moms that are breastfeeding while also incorporating Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix portion container program.

I forgot to mention…she has achieved these great things while being a full time mom and full time nursing student.

I’m excited for her, the ladies that are enthusiastically joining her team and for her challengers that benefit from her inspiration and expertise.

Keep at it sista…BIG things are in store for you.

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