21 Day Fix Salad Recipe

21 Day Fix Salads | The Graues

We know this is a short blog…

But being that people seem to LOVE overcomplicating eating healthy, we wanted to share a simple recipe in as few of words as possible. 🙂

This FRESH salad takes about 2 minutes to prepare…and you get great practice in stuffing spinach in the green 21 Day Fix Portion Fix container! LOL.

Here’s what you  combine:

2 greens (spinach)
1 blue (walnuts)
1 purple (mixed berries)
1/2 orange (dressing, we like a low sugar raspberry vinaigrette.)

Voila…One of our lunch favorites!!

Seriously, if you learn anything from this blog (other than how amazing this salad is) we hope it’s that you don’t have to complicate the 21 Day fix Meal Plan. Recipes are ok…BUT just pick foods from the different groups to keep it simple.

…if you’re looking for meal ideas and helpful resources to assist you in your transformation we recommend you download our 21 Day Fix Toolkit.

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