The NEW “Health Professional”

Pharmacist health Professional | The Graues

“I can still be a Health Professional…but greatly expand my reach.”

It was 2009 when I had this epiphany.

At the time, I was trading my weekends to work extra shifts at local hospitals to help pay the bills. During the week, my full time position was as a pharmacist working in long term care. I spent about 20% of my time in nursing homes and 80% of my time in more of a “project position” at my desk as a clinical analyst. Both positions in healthcare, but neither of them put me in a position to make a major impact in patient care…to let ME BE ME as a health advocate.

In the nursing homes I was mostly managing sickness and focusing on satisfying a public health surveyor’s watchful eye. And often times physicians were unwilling to accept and implement a well thought out, evidence-based recommendation to improve therapy. And honestly, the environment was one of no hope. I wore on me like it did the full time staff.

As an clinical analyst for a fortune 200 company, change didn’t happen fast and there was bureaucracy. And there were Politics. And there was a focus to switch to “preferred” medications for the pharmacy. And Quarterly earnings called for Wall Street and the decisions that led up to them. No…Thanks.

Not for 30 more years.

Truthfully, neither of these was letting ME fulfill my PURPOSE DAILY to the degree I wanted. I knew this for some time, but wasn’t sure where to start so I just accepted my current circumstances as “normal” and did nothing about it. Nothing I’d ever been exposed to in the training I’d done and work experiences I had to that point was something I wanted to do for the next 30 years. BUUUUUT, there came a time when I DECIDED to start thinking outside of the box and started looking.

It was when I started looking that I found a way for ME TO BE ME, that could expand my reach far beyond my local community.

I bought into the vision that change in my community as a Health Professional started in my house…with ME.

I saw that I could connect with people in my community and FAR beyond my community to see that vision, too. I could change myself, AND inspire 5, 25, 250, 500 or more to do that in their community too. AND WE HAVE.

We as a team of several hundred could EACH commit to each helping 1, 2, 5, 10 or more people a month all over the USA and Canada. AND WE ARE.

10s of thousands since 2009.

That’s some serious leverage when it comes to promoting wellness…and in typing this if FIRES ME UP. I’m so proud of OUR TEAM and what we are doing, and I have NO plans of slowing. I personally plan to sacrifice MORE this year to see MORE change and to have a bigger impact.

Just watch, or Just be a part of it…but it’s happening.

If you’d like to join our team, and begin to go to work on yourself to inspire others to become their best, too, then you can get started here.

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