Pharmacist Entrepreneur Success Story

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Never in a million years did I think I would become an entrepreneur!

I grew up in a family of blue collar workers (and have great respect for each and every one of them). My mom struggled for years working a full time state desk job (hardly her dream job!) and taking college courses at night trying to provide a better life for us. My parents both had traditional Monday through Friday jobs that paid the bills. But they were just that, jobs that paid the bills not necessarily dream jobs. The idea of being an entrepreneur never really even entered my mind. I just knew that I needed to graduate high school, get a college degree, and get a job that would pay the bills. That was the definition of SUCCESS right?

I come from a divorced family. So my main goal (as sad as it was) was to do something that would not only pay the bills but would allow me to provide for myself if God forbid I too found myself in a divorced family situation. I wanted the peace of mind to know that if I would follow in my parents footsteps that I would be ok and wouldn’t have to struggle as I had watched my mother struggle. On the flip side, if my destiny was to find my happily ever after and have a family of my own that I would be able to help provide a full-time income working part-time hours so that I wouldn’t have to spend all of those hours away from my child/children the way I had missed out on so many hours with my mom.

And so I choose to become a pharmacist. I totally thought I had made it to the big time! I made it through six years of college, got my Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, passed my boards, signed on as a full-time retail pharmacist earning a six figure income at the age of 23, and started my “big time life” $70,000+ in debt from school loans (would’ve been much higher except that fortunately my mom had consistently paid off the accruing interest which kept my loans at the original amount borrowed).

I have worked as a healthcare professional for 15 years now and certainly cannot image working it for 15 more knowing (in my opinion) there is a much better way. I never would’ve dreamed five years ago when I first took on the role of an entrepreneur that it would open up as many doors as it has for my family. I can honestly say that my role as a fitness and business start up consultant has forever changed my outlook on life and what’s possible if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Not only do I get to extend my role as a healthcare advocate helping people dramatically change their future through nutrition and fitness but I also get to help people think outside of the box as I help mentor people as to how they too can provide financially for their families.

For me, being an entrepreneur is a much better business plan than being someone else’s employee. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for it but the rewards are so much greater! I can also tell you that I have learned far more life coping skills as well as business and leadership skills in the last five years of SELF education than during my six years of professional education.

I don’t regret any of my life choices up to this point as they have all shaped the person I am today but what I wouldn’t give to have had this vision of opportunity in my 20’s. With today’s economy, I know I feel much more comfortable being in control of my financial future. Now is the era for the rise of the entrepreneur and I AM READY TO MENTOR YOU!


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