Getting “Back on Track” is YOUR decision

Getting Back on Track | The Graues

Time for a longish “vulnerable coach” post.

I initially thought about just sharing this in my online Challenge Groups, but am hopeful that this message will help a larger audience.

Yes, I post a lot about healthy foods. I often share about the value that hosting online accountability groups has brought to me and many of the people I work with to get healthy and more fit.

I share pics and videos of me working out, personal victories and testimonials of people I’ve had the joy of seeing make progress. I do this not to make it “about me”, but to inspire people to hopefully desire to be more fit, to decide to incorporate new habits when it’s HARD or when they lack the confidence or skills to start…..AND I do it to demonstrate to the people I’m working with that I DO what I ask of them. That’s it. Bottom line.

BUT I also think it’s important to share when I have a temporary derailment…like last night, and more importance of making the decision ASAP to get back on track.

Last week when I was not feeling well and battling some fatigue and chest/head congestion I missed my first (and only) workout of my current round of MAX:30. I shared that with my groups so they knew why I didn’t post for that day. BUT, I also wanted to make up that missed workout, which meant choosing to pick a day to do TWO. YIKES!

Yesterday, was THAT day….Max Strength at 5:45 am and Friday Fight Round 1 at 10am. It actually went well, and I did increase my calories a lil the day before in preparation. No Biggie. Breakfast yesterday was on point, as was my morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Dinner was good, I completed my containers, although I did have some toasted ravs which were extra for my day. And quite frankly I was still hungry, and given the two workouts I was OK with it.

And then, about an hour later, the shit hit the fan.

I wasn’t hungry but the “I did two workouts today rationalization” started speaking to me pretty loud and clear about 8:15pm.

A few large handfuls of honey nut cheerios, a few spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter, an ice cream sandwich (I actually think some of the peanut butter went on the ice cream sandwich…it’s a blur), another portion of cauliflower salad a small glass of red wine…Ugh. I was pissed for about 30 minutes.

What I’ve come to understand VERY clearly is that we all have the choice for how to respond when we step off track. We can wallow is self pity for an extended period of time, which of course is not helpful. Or we can immediately choose to get back on track.

I was back on track at 9pm. I choose to not let a 30 minute period of time define my entire 60 day experience with this program where I AM seeing results. Back on track for me meant that I had a self development book in my hands in my bed at 9:45pm. It meant I set my alarm for 5:15am to wake up to complete the next workout in sequence planned for me. It meant I enjoyed this delicious breakfast this morning.

This time I got back on track quickly. I hope that’s the case next time I get off track…which there will be a next time. That is FOR SURE. if you want a perfect coach…I’m not your guy.

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