Download 21 Day Fix Tally Sheets

Download 21 day fix Tally Sheet | The Graues

Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix, and now the 21 Day Fix Extreme, are helping people to get fit in 30 minutes a day while also focusing on instituting healthy eating habits with the breakthrough Beachbody Portion Fix Container System.

Learning to eat for a lifetime by enjoying a balance of healthy foods in the right portions… including lean proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, healthy fats, oils and fruit has NEVER been easier.  21 Day fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme users are shown what to eat and how much of each food group based upon their calculated target calorie range.

We’ve worked with many people to have success with both programs in our online Jump Start groups with start EACH MONTH.

Adding ACCOUNTABILITY, group support and a coach that knows the program inside and out (because we do it!!) is a winning combination. We’ve also created some nice FREE resources that we hope you’ll find helpful. You can download everything below:

Click Here to Download our COMPLETE 21 Day Fix toolkit for FREE. NON-Vegan and Vegan weekly menus, customizable menu templates and Tally Sheets.

Using the printable 21 Day Fix Tally Sheets is pretty straight forward, but I created a short video to explain WHY we use them and show you HOW we use them each day as well.

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