How to be a Successful Beachbody Coach

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You’ve likely seen me recognize members of our AMAZING team no this blog for being in “Success Club” as a Team Beachbody Coach. Why??

Because it’s a VERY, VERY accurate and reliable indicator of two important things:

1) A commitment to helping at least 3 new people a month (often times more) get more healthy and fit, either as coach joining their team OR as a challenge participant in an online support group.

2) A commitment to taking steps forward each month to realizing a personal goal…to realizing a BIG VISION or introducing more freedoms into their own life.

For the first half of my first year as a coach, I personally didn’t earn Success Club. I really was just trying to overcome my fear of talking to people about this crazy, wild vision I had in my head 24/7, that I was going to leave my pharmacist job with the end goal of being a full time Beachbody Coach. But there came a time when I was HONEST with myself that by choosing to talk to NO ONE with passion about something I 100% believed in, that I was helping NO ONE… and nothing had changed in my life like I envisioned it would when I started. Imagine that…limited action, limited change.

I had heard about Success Club, but I hadn’t yet made the decision it was THAT important. At some point in 2010 I started listening to what successful coaches and top leaders like Mike Ryan, Jeff Armbruster, Josh Spencer, Barbie Decker and Tracy Morrow…were saying about Success Club on national calls and on social media. Breaking news…it was important.

At the beginning of 2011, Katie and I made the decision that we would BOTH hit Success Club EACH month of the year…and be recognized as husband and wife Success Club All Stars (12 consecutive months)….ANNNNND then we DIDN’T…in January, of all months.

But since that disappointment, we have BOTH stayed committed to hitting this goal EVERY month for now 4 years… 48 consecutive months (actually 49 including this month already!!). And, special to us, is that it’s our understanding that we have hit Success Club for the most consecutive months as a husband and wife “team” in ALL of Team Beachbody.

Whether you’re a coach on my team, or another team (…or a future coach and you just don’t know it yet :)), I hope you’ll make the decision SOONER than we did to make Success Club NON-NEGOTIABLE each month, to be intentional about sharing what you believe in. It is so worth it, and it’s a measure that you are MAKING AN IMPACT.

If you’d like to apply to be a part of our team and get started in our Elite Coach Training Camp you can APPLY ONLINE HERE!

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