Our Team Beachbody Coach Success Story

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As we were reminded three Sundays ago, things happen that are unplanned. Sometimes these unplanned surprises are pleasant; often times they are unpleasant. As you likely are aware, Katie dislocated her right shoulder while doing a yoga pose which resulted in a HAGL lesion and a sizable tear in her labrum (front to back). Thankfully, Dr. Saadiq El-Amin, who is AWESOME by the way…, was able to examine her the day after the injury and complete the surgery one week later after a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas for a public speaking seminar with two of our mentors, Eric Worre and Les Brown.

The surgery was last Monday the 2nd, so that meant last week was pretty low key for Katie as she began the process of healing. In the meantime though, “Life” goes on.

We are still parents. We still have commitments. We still have errands to run and places to be and get kids to. We still have bills to pay.

And…we still own a business as Team Beachbody coaches. And I can very confidently, and with MUCH gratitude, say THANK GOODNESS for that. While we are working very hard to make our home-based business plan Plan A for both of us in the future, it was sure a great week to have it as a Plan B for Katie. Especially since we learned not only that Katie would be missing 6 weeks of work at Walgreens where she does not qualify for short-term disability based upon the number of hours she works, but also that Abbie would need to start Stage 2 of braces In April…$6,100 worth. And remember that pic of me taking 3 pets to the vet?? Another $400. (At least that was budgeted…Thank you Dave Ramsey).

Anyhow, I just kept thinking how grateful I was that we DID make the CHOICE to take a CHANCE to have a Plan B in our life. Because of it we will be financially secure these next few months and have to finance nothing, at a time when we could have had the potential stress of financial hardship enter our marriage.

…the CRAZIEST part about last week was that despite being MUCH less engaged with the normal daily activities of our business (3 days in Las Vegas at an all day seminar and 3 days caring for Katie following her surgery) we had our largest weekly paycheck in the time we’ve been coaches. This is ONLY possible because of the amazing team we’ve had come into our lives that also see the value of what we are doing as a whole…and we know that many of them had their largest weekly checks ever, too. For that we are grateful beyond MEASURE.

It is my hope that people will understand this post is NOT about me, or Katie, but is about sharing WITH CONVICTION our belief that there absolutely is a BETTER WAY…for those that are interested, are willing to learn, work hard, sacrifice and persevere to live the life they want MOST with more freedom and more options.

We absolutely feel it is our obligation to pay Team Beachbody forward and bless others with it like it has blessed us because we are SOLD OUT on the purpose, on our mission and what we are trying to do as a whole in getting people more healthy, more fit and more confident while opening people’s eyes to thinking bigger…BEYOND health and fitness to making an impact, creating significance and leaving a legacy.

If you’d like to start your plan B OR to invest your time in getting healthy while creating a legacy, please answer these 3 questions about you and your goals and we will be in touch.

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