Team Beachbody Coaching is NOT our life…it GIVES us life.

Through the people we’ve met and the friendships we’ve made.
Through the healthy lifestyle we’ve learned in being a part of it.
Through the amazing trips we’ve enjoyed with fellow Team Beachbody coaches.
Through making an active lifestyle a more consistent habit.
Through the way we’ve grown and the way it’s changed our thinking about what’s possible with our ONE shot at life.

I was introduced to all of this because I FINALLY…after months of watching the P90X infomercial…decided to give it a go.

It came at a time in my life when I needed it. I had a healthy relationship Katie and the kids and my family and friends. For that I was incredibly grateful.

But I was less athletic that I had been after gaining 15 pounds. I was bored. And I certainly wasn’t growing or learning.

I was professionally DYING at my job, I literally had no other pharmacist job I wanted to change to…and NO upward path at my job that was exciting to me, and no matter how well I performed I would earn (hopefully) my 2% annual raise unless I contested that I should earn at least what the market was paying other pharmacists. So there I was contesting to earn another 1-2% to at least meet the average.

I would spend my free time outside of work playing table and online poker, watching political commentary and reading newspaper editorials, often times I would engage in political banter with internet trolls. And I was hell bent on becoming an expert at MarioKart on our Wii…at age 32 mind you.

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Maybe right now you are like I was in 2009. Bored. Not excited or fulfilled about your work.

You can be.

Maybe right now it’s your understanding that you have to CHOOSE between a career or being a stay at home parent.

You don’t.

Maybe right now

you’re like I was in 2009 when I was watching the P90X infomercial over and over and oooooover KNOWING it’s what I needed. But maybe instead of that infomercial it’s a 21 Day Fix or Focus T25 infomercial…or me or katie or another fellow coach sharing about the coach network or perhaps Shakeology or a fitness program thinking I could probably benefit from “that”..whatever “that” Is for you.

If that’s the case, I’d love for you to commit to joining our next Challenge Group, whether it’s as a new challenger or new apprentice coach challenger. If you’d like to know how to get started, please shoot us an email at tell us what you’d like to get to work changing.