How to Evaluate your Self Talk

I am Osteen quote | The Graues

I’d like to share a vulnerable blog post with you in the hopes it connects with and helps you, like this message helped ME this weekend in an area I’ve kinda been struggling in…

“Whatever follows I AM is going to come looking for you.”

I heard this quote from Joel Osteen mentioned from one of the presenters on the coach summit stage this weekend and at first I didn’t understand what it meant until I wrote it out.

“I am ______________.”

Whatever words we choose to use in filling in that blank will come looking for us. THAT makes complete sense, and is a great visual for how our self talk works against us or in our favor.

I’m a pretty positive, optimistic person but that doesn’t mean I’m also not overly critical of myself at times… I’m just a normal dude.

I sometimes have periods where I obsess with my physical flaws, highlight and hold onto my wrongs, question my abilities when I fail to reach goals I set, think I’m not worthy of more blessings or abundance, etc.

I tend to use self-deprecating humor to overcome or proactively address areas where I’m insecure, have a lack of confidence or whatever. I did that when I was younger and overweight, and now I find myself using that same approach with my physical strength.

What I need to do isn’t be “funny ha ha”…what I need to do is evaluate and FIX how I am choosing to fill in that blank after I am.

I am an athlete.
I am a passionate leader.
I am worthy of abundance.
I am an Elite Team Beachbody Coach.
I am stronger today than I was yesterday.
I am leading a movement to get thousands of parents more healthy, fit and confident.

Well that feels better.

I hope this makes sense…and that your willing to do some self evaluation to see if you’re EMPOWERING yourself or ENSLAVING yourself with your “I am’s”.

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