Does Beachbody Coaching Work?

beachbody coaches earn money | The Graues“Does Beachbody Coaching Work?”

Well, that’s a fair question…a question I found myself asking about 5 years ago when I was exploring Team Beachbody Coaching at a time when I was professionally DYING and BORED at work with no opportunity to advance or get a meaningful raise while I was in considerable debt.

It was a question I asked because I use to go to work on Mondays because I NEEDED a job to pay the bills…and there even came a time in 2009 when there was some MAJOR uncertainly that I would even have a job. I worked with some really great people, but the man at the top of the PYRAMID, and some of his compadres, loved numbers more than people.

In addition to the insecurity about my future laying in HIS hands…, not mine, I truly WANTED to go to work for a FUTURE and to have a sense of belonging on a team working together with purpose.

I NEEDED A WAY OUT…and I was hopeful that being a Team Beachbody Coach would be my way out, and based upon the Success Stories I was seeing…give me PURPOSE.

My entire testimonial is beyond the scope of this blog entry but Team Beachbody Coaching ended up being my way out…a way I could retire from my pharmacist J-O-B to lead a life of purpose, planning my work around my life…NOT MY LIFE around my work. WE ARE creating a future with a team united for a common purpose, and fostering a culture of belonging with a focus on people and relationships.

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.

I don’t focus on the income aspect of what we do as coaches, but you’re darn right it’s an important story to also tell because I know people are STRUGGLING and looking for solutions to be more financially fit like they are to become more physically fit.

They’re a lil stressed like I was in 2009 when we overbought a house, had two house payments for a handful of months, and put what we couldn’t pay on Home Equity Line of Credit with no means to pay it off except to work overtime or a second job on the weekends away from Katie and the kids. Not fun!!

Thinking back…for a period of 3-4 months we had two mortgages, 10K in HELOC debt AND we paid with Discover every purchase and had ONE ginormous credit card bill each month that we had to do some serious planning to pay off each month. THAT. SUCKED.

Now, we are a debit/cash focused family with no Credit Card or Home Equity Credit Balances, we write up a monthly budget, we pay extra on our mortgage monthly and throughout the year and look forward to shredding our mortgage on stage in the future at a Coach Summit when we earn the Financial Freedom award.

It was Team Beachbody Coaching AND Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University that were my key solutions. Did everything change immediately, overnight or at once?!?! Heck no. BUT THINGS CHANGED.

My wish is that I can have the opportunity to learn about YOU and why YOU are searching for the answer to a question about whether or not Team Beachbody Coaching works.

It does.

It can work for you, if you will work for you and INSPIRE hope, trust, health and VISION in others.

Maybe your Mondays are already exciting…If so, that’s a blessing. Maybe you’re just looking to be a part of this amazing culture as a Team Beachbody Coach because you love the DVD Fitness Programs or Shakeology and want to “Pay it Forward.” We’d love to help you with that.

But maybe your Monday’s ARE NOT exciting. If so, I encourage you to have an open mind and begin looking for ways they can begin to be exciting because there are A LOT of Monday between now and retirement that you can look forward to.

We would love the opportunity to learn about you and your goals…and to determine if you are the right fit or our team and culture. You can apply to be a part of our team with this 3 question application.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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