Quick Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe

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Are you still enjoying traditional Quaker rolled whole oats for your oatmeal?

If so, that’s OK. We like to mix it up with those, too. (We just prefer steel cut oats) 🙂

A more serious question…are you eating instant oatmeal from a packet?

That’s one to stop….since that’s more of a dessert, is highly processed and full of sugar and other additives.

GOOD NEWS for you though…we aren’t just saying “stop” eating that. We’re going to give you a simple recipe to enjoy that is MUCH more healthy, MUCH more filling and LESS expensive.

Steel Cut Oats. #yum

We have enjoyed Steel Cut Oats for a few years. We’ve mixed them with bananas, walnuts, all berries, almonds, chocolate Shakeology, and 100% maple syrup. Compared to traditional oats they have added texture which makes them absolutely delicious. BUUUUUUUT…they can’t be prepared from scratch in 5 minutes because of that added texture.

More like 45 minutes.

But that doesn’t mean you can have them during a busy morning…if you plan ahead.

How we have come to incorporate Steel Cut Oats into our diet is my prepping some on prep day or in the evening, so that all we have to do is reheat them on a busy morning. Rather than simmer them for 45 minutes and clean up a huge mess on the stove (from the VERY common oatmeal boil over), we have started using the overnight prep method that works MUCH BETTER…and mess free at that.

All you have to do for a 4 portion serving is bring 4 cups of water to a boil on the stove. Once the water is boiling, add 1  1/4 cups of uncooked steel cut oats to the water and stir for about 30 seconds and then turn off the stove. PUT THE LID ON your saucepan and remove your saucepan from the heat.

Let it sit out (with the LID ON) on the stove for 30-45 minutes until it’s more cool and can be transferred to a plastic or glass storage container and placed in the refrigerator where the oats will continue to cook and absorb the water over time.

In the morning, or after several hours, the oatmeal is chilled but ready to eat after a quick reheat on the stove or in the microwave.

For the Blueberry Steel cut oats above, we heating about 1 cup of frozen blueberries in a saucepan for 2-3 minutes until heated through and stirred the deep purple liquid into our heated oatmeal before spooning the remaining blueberries over the top.

Super easy…it literally took 5 minutes to prep/reheat it all.

We hope you’ll try them and let us now how you enjoy them, and as always if you found this recipe helpful please share this post with a friend.


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