Should I Enroll my Spouse as Beachbody Coach?

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Let’s get right to the point…YES, you should enroll your husband or wife as a Team Beachbody Coach. But, because we know you’re interested in hearing WHY that’s the case, we will step you through 5 of the reasons we think it’s the right thing to do.

MANY people seek out the answer to this question strictly focusing on the benefits it has in maximizing the compensation plan, which is does (we get to that in CREATING A LEGACY together below), but you need to think MUCH bigger than that.

There are MANY reasons beyond the financial benefits that we feel compelled to share, and honestly, they are what come to mind for us, first.

Let’s get started…

TRAVEL Together

Truth…we LOOOOOOVE to travel with the kids, and since 2010 we’ve created some RE-diculously amazing family memories together. Hollywood, Italy, Paris, Orlando, Orange County, CA, Vegas and others…

But let us ask you this:

When is the last time you took a kid-free trip with your spouse?

Time to solely focus on each other and remind each other that your relationship is more than co-parenting your amazing family.

And you don’t have to get away for an entire week or weekend to be reminded of the importance of this time with your husband or wife. Even a day away or an afternoon together in the car traveling to a more regional event is great. With Team Beachbody there are many opportunities to travel together throughout the year.

Let’s go through them…

Team Beachbody Quarterly Super Saturdays

First off, there are quarterly Team Beachbody Coaching events called Team Beachbody Super Saturdays that happen ALL across the country on a Saturday generally during the first month of a new calendar quarter.

In 2016 for example, we will be attending events in Central Illinois or St. Louis, MO in January, April, August and October.

Team Beachbody Success Club Trip

Each Spring is the annual Team Beachbody Success Club reward trip. Over the years we’ve earned and taken trips to Atlantis in the Bahamas, Walt Disney World Yacht Club Resort in Orlando, FL, and two Royal Caribbean cruises, one which sent us to Cozumel and Grand Cayman and another which in a few weeks from now will be taking us to Jamaica and Nassau, Bahamas.

We also earned a trip to the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun in April 2015 but were not able to attend as we were on the family trip of a lifetime touring Italy and Paris, France!

Team Beachbody Coaching Trips | The Graues

Success Club Cruise 2014

Team Beachbody Coach Summit

Next on the calendar, typically occurring in June or July, is the EVENT OF THE YEAR.the annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit!! You know…just your run of the mill weekend away with 25,000+ coaches where you take in amazing self development and business training, workout LIVE with Beachbody celebrity trainers and connect with your TEAM for drinks, meals, fun and brainstorming.

We’ve now attended two Team Beachbody Coach Summits in Los Angeles, CA, three Team Beachbody Coach Summits in Las Vegas, NV and soon to be two Team Beachbody Coach Summits in Nashville, TN.

In 2017 we are heading to New Orleans!

Team Beachbody Coach Summit | The Graues

Coach Summit 2014

Team Beachbody Leadership Retreat

Just a FEW months after that, typically occurring in September or October, is the fall Team Beachbody Success Club Leadership Retreat. Where the annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit is a BIG production and tons of fun with things going on almost literally for three days straight, the fall Leadership Conference is more quaint, laid back and honestly probably our favorite event of the year for the top of the top 400ish coaches in the entire network.

You get 1:1 time with Beachbody Executives, can personally meet and get some selfies with Beachbody Celebrity trainers and mingle with top coaches in the network.

We’re grateful to have qualified and attended four Team Beachbody Leadership events so far; three at the Marriott Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point, CA and one at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, AZ.

Team Beachbody Leadership Trip | The Graues

Team Beachbody Leadership Retreat 2014

As you can see…WE ALWAYS have an event to look forward to! We value this so much and it’s one of our favorite things about what we do as coaches.


Have you ever  been on the same page and focused on being a healthy, fit couple or family?

How about not?

They are certainly two different environments. We can say based upon our experience, Team Beachbody Coaches and their spouses…even when the spouses aren’t not yet enrolled as coaches on their team, are quite likely to be on the same page. Rowing in the same direction.

This alone is a GREAT BENEFIT OF BEING A TEAM BEACHBODY COACH. There’s intentionality in the communication about WHY being healthy is important and the goals someone is trying to accomplish.

Husband and wife Team Beachbody Coaches who BOTH work the business are even more likely to be on the same page, consistently sharing their new healthy habits and lifestyle with the people they know in their local community AND in their online social communities.

What would it mean for your relationship for you and your significant other to get healthy together?

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.


DREAM Together

“Knowing the dreams of the people you love and helping them fulfill those dreams brings a certain dynamism to relationships that is both energizing and inspiring. Few things energize an individual like the passionate pursuit of a dream, and few things can infuse a RELATIONSHIP with such energy and enthusiasm as the pursuit of dreams.

Revealing your dreams, chasing your dreams and encouraging the people you love to fulfill their dreams can have a very powerful impact on any relationship.

– Matthew Kelly, author of The Seven Levels of Intimacy

We’ve felt this to be true for a few years now, and then we went and read this passage which defined “Sharing your Hopes and Dreams” as the 4th Level of Intimacy in Matthew Kelly’s book mentioned above.

It was Valentine’s Day 2010 when Katie Hutchinson Graue‘s made the CHOICE to enroll as a Team Beachbody Coach…a DECISION we made together to start chasing our dreams as a couple.

The collage of pictures at the top of this blog captures the realization of some the dreams we’ve shared with each other and worked towards achieving together the last 6 years.

Pictures from abroad with family…
Pictures celebrating with our AMAZING team…
Pictures from some of our favorite locations in the US…

We encourage you to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity and to TALK about where you are going as a couple. Having a SHARED vision that you then go to work on together is healthy for your relationship.

GROW Together

One of the 4 VITAL Behaviors of Team Beachbody Coaches is to consistently incorporate self development into our day.

Books, Team Training video conferences or calls, LIVE events, Podcasts, audio programs, webinars…ALL things that grow us as individuals AND as Team Beachbody Coaches. As WE GROW personally our team and our business grows, too.

Successful coaches often exchange excessive television time, local morning radio, video games, and other hobbies in favor of more positive healthy self development habits. Being on the same page as your spouse or partner about WHY you’re making this change is important.

Coaches take in some incredible self development on a consistent basis and we’ve come to value it so much that we have traveled and invested in LIVE seminars in Las Vegas, Chicago and Irvine, CA with some of our mentors like Chalene Johnson (SMART Success Academy), Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro Recruiting Mastery) and Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula)…just to name a few.

Because of Team Beachbody WE have grown, been introduced to this critical part of being a successful coach, person and PARENT and been able to talk about and hold each other accountable to continuing to invest time and money into becoming the best version of ourselves possible.

THIS is a BIG one.


We didn’t become Team Beachbody Coaches because we loved fitness. We knew the programs worked and how finally finding a solution that worked for us helped us to feel.

We enrolled as Team Beachbody Coaches because we saw an opportunity to change our circumstances. We saw an opportunity to leave the corporate rat race.

We saw an opportunity to pay down  $10,000 in HELOC debt that was a better solution than trading our holidays, evenings and weekends and time together and with the kids for per diem work at the pharmacy.

We also wanted to create a legacy, and that WAS NOT going to happen on a 2% annual raise. I mean…let’s be real.

We researched the Coach network online, we watched YouTube videos, we followed other successful coaches to see what they were doing.  We learned the Team Beachbody Compensation plan and quickly understood that it made sense to enroll your spouse as a coach, preferably sooner rather than later.

These were some of the things we came to understand through our research.

Reason to enroll your Spouse as a Team Beachbody Coach

1) Secure ownership of a Coach Business Center (CBC) HIGH in your organization

One of the benefits of enrolling your husband or wife as a Team Beachbody Coach is that you both will have the option to participate in weekly team bonuses when you advance to Emerald rank (and higher). If you were to enroll your spouse early in your business, ALL of the volume your team creates will be captured in both business centers for the leg of the business they were enrolled on.

If you were to wait until you’ve added several coaches to your team before sponsoring your husband or wife, the volume created by the coaches you enrolled previously would be missed.

2) Ensure an “Active” Coach in your business at all times

One of the primary ways to be successful as a coach is to focus on growing a team and advancing rank. The first team rank advancement occurs when you sponsor two coaches and advance to Emerald Coach. In sponsoring your spouse, you are assured that 1 of those two coach positions is “Active” at all times.

3) Have control over advancing one of your coaches to Emerald and Diamond Rank

Once you are an Emerald Coach and looking to advance to Ruby, Diamond and Star Diamond it will become important for you to sponsor Coaches that also advance to Emerald and Diamond. Ideally, many coaches that you enroll make that advancement.

This is exactly what we work towards after mastering the fundamentals in our 30 Day New Coach Camp.

But you would have the option of working together to advance your spouse’s business center by sponsoring coaches there as a team.

4) Move up the Leadership Ladder faster

As we addressed in this in depth review and training, the Team Beachbody Leadership Ladder is NOW where it’s at. A key component for advancing UP the ladder is sponsoring coaches that advance to Team Leader.

With your spouse in your organization you can focus on advancing that business to Team Leader together.

5) Maximize earning potential

There actually are 7 ways that coaches can earn income and by enrolling your spouse you’d have the option to have them earn 25% commission for product orders for which the volume associated with that order rolls up to you to ALSO get paid on as a Team Cycle Bonus. Amazing stuff. 🙂

In addition, there is a 10% matching check bonus for Diamond Coaches and higher where you can earn a 10% match on the amount of your spouse’s bonus.

Maybe this is confusing for you…I KNOW it was for us at first. Thankfully we have some great training resources and training tools for our team.

If you feel compelled to learn a little more, here are two videos to help you better understand.

Advancing Rank and Building a Team Beachbody Team

Earning weekly Team Bonuses as a Team Beachbody Coach


We hope this information has helped you to understand our thoughts on enrolling your husband or wife as a Team Beachbody Coach. If you are interested in joining our team we’d love to hear about YOU and YOUR goals.

If you’re ready to enroll as a Team Beachbody Coach and get started in our New Coach Camp you can enroll at the top of this page under the Team Beachbody Coaching menu by selecting “Enroll as a Coach” option.

You’d just want to make sure we are listed as your sponsoring coach if you’re looking to join our team. You will have the opportunity to confirm your sponsoring coach and you’ll be able to look us up by searching by email using

Cheers to your success as a Team Beachbody Coach!

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.


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