What is a Shakeology 365er?

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Well…BIG day today. 🙂 The coveted faux gold scoop of the Shakeology #365er showed up in the mail today.

A Shakeology”365er” is someone who has enjoyed a Shakeology health shake daily for at least a year.

Actually, by our calculations we are more like 2,230ers. 🙂  While we have changed flavors and switched to packets on occasion for convenience when traveling, neither of us has EVER stopped or delayed a Shakeology shipment since we started in January 2010, 2 orders a month.

To be honest…we almost weren’t “1ers” LOL!

A Shakeology 365er is someone who has enjoyed a #Shakeology health shake daily for at least a year. Click To Tweet

My Team Beachbody Coach, David, recommended I incorporate Shakeology into my P90X nutrition plan back in late 2009. He sent me this awesome video...it was compelling and I wanted to order it.

..And then when I went to order it I saw it was about 3X the price of the vanilla protein powder I was using daily to make fruit smoothies. So, I initially balked.

(Was this your experience, too?)

BUT, in truth, I was comparing apples to oranges. Really, really awesome, nutrient-dense “oranges”.

ALSO, in truth, it was still more than $1 a serving LESS than what I was routinely enjoying as my healthy (but nutritionally inferior) go to meal of choice at the time, Black Bean soup, an apple and water from Panera.

So, I decided to give it a try on a trial basis…and today a gold Shakeology scoop arrived in my mailbox 6 years and 1 & 1/2 months later. I also have stopped taken vitamin C, B complex vitamins and calcium daily, too, as they are no longer needed with the addition of the shake.

This health shake absolutely will continue as a part of our overall health plan. Nutrients and health ….. Long term.

And it helps that I REALLY enjoy it, can take it on the go and share with the kiddos, too. (You can even make them Shakeology popsicles, too.)

Anywho…we’d encourage you to suspend further judgement if you’ve found this post researching whether or not you should start Shakeology.

Don’t forget…even if you don’t enjoy it (which we don’t expect) you can return it for a 100% refund. Why not try it.

If YOU are unfamiliar with Shakeology OR have been on the fence about incorporating it into your daily meal plan…we encourage you to at least TRY a Shakeology 7 day sampler to see how you enjoy it, and more importantly how it makes you feel!

Lastly, cheers to the many customers and coaches that have enjoyed it long term and found value in it like us.

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