What is the Beachbody Leadership Ladder?

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When you set out to play a new game you generally have a sense of how you get started, how to play and how to win. Spending a few minutes reviewing the rules and available resources helps all participants. It also shortens the learning curve.

When it comes to being a Team Beachbody Coach we have many tools and resources, and some rules to help guide us, too.

There have been thousands of coaches who have lead the way to help determine best practices and tools for being a successful coach.

These ordinary, busy people have proven that ANYone can choose to create a healthy life of freedom and purpose.

The main tool available to us when we first started coaching in 2010 was the Beachbody Game Plan. The Game Plan was a list of 10 activities that a coach could to do consistently to be successful.

The Game Plan evolved over time from 10 things to 7 things, and NOW we have the 4 Vital behaviors that guide us DAILY.

Our team has frequent 30-day New Coach Camps to help learn the fundamentals to start quick and master the 4 Vital Behaviors.

Another way our training has evolved is the introduction of a new, powerful success tool…

…the Leadership Ladder.

The purpose for the rest of this post is to share some key pieces of the Leadership Ladder and how you can adopt it to be a successful Coach.

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.


Why is the Leadership Ladder important?

Usually people associate success as a Team Beachbody Coach with the rank they’ve earned.

For example… Emerald rank, Diamond rank, Star Diamond Rank…and so on. These ranks are key goals to shoot for, no question. BUT, they don’t tell the whole story.

Their Leadership Ladder “rank” does.

A coach’s Leadership Ladder rank shows a more accurate picture of a coach’s financial success, too.

It shows how successful a coach has been at duplicating their team AND their vision. Why is this important?

Because it’s ONLY through building a team that a coach can exponentially expand their influence and income.

There are many things a coach can focus on to be successful at building a team. They can foster a solid team culture of service (NOT SELL, SELL, SELL…). They can build in accountability for their team. They can build a new coach’s confidence in sharing their own vision. They can model the activities to be successful.

These are just a few…


Becoming a Diamond Beachbody Coach is a big deal deserving of recognition and celebration. But know this…becoming a Diamond Beachbody Coach that also classifies as a Leadership Ladder Team Leader is BIGGER deal.

The Leadership Ladder captures the REAL Success as a coach. It’s NOT about just “signing people up”…it identifies LEADERS who are hungry to change their circumstances and are willing to grow daily with a team through the 4 vital behaviors.

Team Beachbody Leadership Ladder Training

Just like team Beachbody ranks step up one after the other, so do the rungs of the Leadership Ladder. A fundamental focus of each rung is that a Coach qualify for Team Beachbody’s “Success Club.” They do this by helping at least 3 people get started using our awesome solution as a new Coach or customer over the course of a calendar month.

Could you do that? Of course you could. 🙂

Ok, let me introduce the different rungs on the Leadership Ladder and share a few bits of wisdom about each

Business Starter

You can’t score on a home run unless you touch first base. AND, you can’t advance up the Leadership Ladder unless you qualify as a Business Starter. This is exactly what we focus on in our 30 New Coach Camps.

In fact, it’s our #1 goal that we focus on.

We love to see a new coach experience the success of earning back the cost of their Challenge Pack and/or the cost of their Shakeology each month.

You qualify at a Business Starter by earning at least $100 over the course of the calendar month AND helping at least three people get started on their wellness journey with a discounted Challenge pack by qualifying for Success Club 5 or higher.

That’s it!

3 Tips to Achieve Business Starter

  • You significantly increase your chance of becoming a Business Starter if you host a Challenge group of some kind each month. It will keep you consistent and accountable to inviting people to join you AND posting your progress on your social media.
  • Listen to inspiring stories and success tips on the National Wakeup call each Monday. You can tune in LIVE or listen on playback. We love the podcast replay.
  • Stay consistent with your workouts and nutrition. When you feel good, confident and healthy you WANT to share our incredible solution with people.

Team Builder

Next up after you qualify for Business Starter is Team Builder…and this one is ONLY possible if you have a team; even if it’s only 2 people. The key part here is that these coaches are also participating in “enrolling activities.”

Enrolling activities are things such as having people join them in a challenge group as a customer or joining their team as a hobby or career coach.

So, they’re not just coaches on your team that are enjoying the products themselves but they are intentional about sharing them with others.

To be recognized as a Team Builder, you need to earn at least $250 over the course of a calendar month, hit Success Club 5 or higher, be an active Emerald Coach (meaning you have sponsored at least 2 coaches yourself), have at least 2 coaches earn at least 1 Success Club point AND you have at least 200 Team Volume produced by your team in the calendar month.

3 Tips to Achieve Team Builder

Apply the 3 tips from the previous section and:

  • Commit to feeding and growing your vision by reading at least 1 book over the course of the month. THIS IS A BIG focus of successful coaches because successful team building coaches know that your business will only grow to the extent you grow.
  • Talk to at least 3 people about joining your team each week. Don’t overthink this convo…just tell people the potential you see in them and WHY you are excited about where YOU are going.
  • Build in accountability for these two points with your personally sponsored coaches

Team Leader

This is where $hit starts getting real. 🙂

It’s where you’ll likely see a HUGE difference in income between a duplicating Team Leader Diamond Coach and a Diamond Coach whose team is enjoying the products but NOT choosing to duplicate enrolling activities.

To qualify as a Team Leader you need to have hit Success Club 5 or higher, earn at least $1,000 over the course of the calendar month, have 5,000 Team volume in your organization and have at least 4 of your personally sponsored coaches earn at least 1 Success Club point.

Again, a Success Club point is an indication your coach has helped someone get started as their customer.

3 Tips to Achieve Team Leader

Organizational Leader

As the quote by Tom Peters says, “true leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

This is what the Organizational leader is all about. We are grateful to BOTH have been recognized as Organizational Leaders by the Team Beachbody Corporate team in 2015. It was a big focus and goal of ours.


To qualify as an Organizational Leader you have to earn at least $2,500 in a calendar month, hit at least Success Club 5 (can you tell this is an important measure?), be an active 2 Star Diamond or higher, have at least 15,000 team volume in a calendar month, have SIX of your personally sponsored coaches earn at least 1 Success Club point…and, last but not least, have at least 2 personally sponsored Team Leaders.

3 Tips to Achieve Organizational Leader

  • Get involved in your local Events. Make the decision to be the one holding the mic at a future event.
  • Hold regular 1:1 calls with your top leaders that are SERIOUS about the business, but do not invest your time with people that SAY they want to be successful but whose actions say otherwise. Instead, spend your time finding more coaches.
  • Delegate and co-lead activities with your top 20% of coaches. Co-host online events, challenge groups or local events. One of our mentors, Craig Holiday, described leadership as “I do it. I do it, YOU watch. You do it, I watch. You do it.” Make sense?

Executive Leader

This is the top of the top…it’s where we ultimately want to be.

There will be steps forward (there have been)…and there will be steps backwards (there have been those, too).

Executive Leader is the top less than 1% of the company that has seen substantial duplication in their business.

You can qualify as an Executive Leader by earning at least $8,500 in a calendar month, qualify for Success Club 5, be at least an active 5 Star Diamond Coach or higher, have 4 personally sponsored (PS) Team Leader, 50,000 team volume / month in your team and at least 8 PS coaches that earn at least 1 Success Club point.

Neither of us has qualified for Executive Leader…that 5 Star Diamond has been tricky being that we’ve chosen a path of owning multiple Team Beachbody Business Centers (5 currently).

So, we don’t feel that we can yet offer “tips” to hitting Executive Leader. (stay tuned)

Leadership Ladder Video Training

If you want more info on the Leadership Ladder training please check out the special training I hosted in February 2016 below. It goes into more detail on each level and also discusses the HOW TO part of MOVIN’ ON UP the Leadership Ladder.

Check it out here:


We hope you’ve learned through this training how important the Leadership Ladder is a tool to help guide your path to success.
Whether you’ve found this page as someone thinking about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach or as a Coach looking to learn and advance your skills and success, I hope you choose to go after your dreams AND do so as a coach that incorporate the Leadership Ladder.
Please share any questions below in the comment section, AND if you’d like to schedule a time to chat about you and your goals you can do that here.

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