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SHOUTout time…one of our favorite things to do! Any Katy had DEFINITELY Earned it.

But in this post we also wanted to shed some light on the New Coach Training that we provide for the new coaches that join our team. We’ll do that below…BUT FIRST, let’s celebrate Katy’s success.

This past week we put the finishing touches on another 30-day New Coach Camp…and Katy was SHINING BRIGHT throughout! We started at the end of school, a BUSY time for a school teacher.

Katy had recently completed her first round of 22 Minute Hard Corps while incorporating Shakeology…and she got AWESOME results. Throughout Coach Camp she learned the skills to connect with other people and invite them to join her on her continuing journey.

She is now making a HUGE impact by hosting her OWN Beachbody Challenge Groups monthly while paying it forward in a big…BIG…BIIIIIIIG way. In her FIRST Challenge group, Katy lead 18 men and women and she has gone on to help well over 50 people in her first 5 months of coaching.

Because she had put the focus on helping OTHERS succeed and put in LOTS of effort and energy to help them be successful, Katy has been able to earn greater than $5,000 since May.


Katy wears MANY hats…wife, mom to a 1 year old son, PE teacher and now Beachbody Coach (…and others for sure). Please extend a BIG congrats on her awesome results AND more importantly for taking the step to PAY it forward for so many.

Team Beachbody Coach Training

Now, part two of this post is about the training that our new coaches are offered. We choose to make use of many of the great training tools that Beachbody has already created.

That’s one of the huge benefits of joining a network marketing based business model…you don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel. The company, in our case Beachbody, makes your easier by creating training and tools to support your success, especially from the start.

But after mentoring new coaches since January 2010 we have also but together our own 30-Day New Coach Camp as an extension of the awesome tools Beachbody has created.

We have one focused goal…help a new coach start their FIRST Online Challenge Group.

In doing so, a few other cool things happen. One, the new coach likely ends up earning enough income to pay for their Shakeology (or often times more…even in month one). And, two, the new coach feels empowered, significant and confident because they have had a hand in helping at least 3 people begin a lifestyle change.

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Yes….there is A LOT to learn about coaching, but we don’t really even bring up becoming an Emerald Coach, Diamond Coach, Team Cycle Bonuses, Star Diamond Bonuses, etc. We FOCUS ON THE FUNDAMENTALS and establish a strong foundation that pairs well with the purpose and mission of Beachbody as a company. Their goal and our goal as coaches is simply this:

“Help people achieve their goals and live a healthy, fulfilling life.”

So THAT is the foundation that we build on. In fact, here is a day by day breakdown of what our New Team Beachbody Coach Camp Training looks like, after a brief 3 day “getting to know you” period where we also take care of some technicalities like scheduling of LIVE Group Zoom video calls.

Day 1 – Success ALWAYS STARTS with strong WHY…
Day 2 – Introducing our ROADMAP: The 4 Vital Behaviors
Day 3 – Prioritizing your day…the POWER HOUR
Day 4 – PRIORITIZING your goals for THIS MONTH
Day 5 – How to Announce your First Beachbody Challenge Group on your Social Media
Day 6 – ALL about the “3 LIVES Club”… Success Club
Day 7 – An Intro to the 5 step Invite Process
Day 8 – Implementation Check-in Day
Day 9 – Another part of the “Invite. Invite. Invite” process…FORMing
Day 11 – Introducing the Team Beachbody Success Starter Program
Day 12 – How to earn money as a Team Beachbody Coach
Day 13 – Vital Behavior Focus: Your Self Development Program
Day 14 – Your SCHEDULED Catch up day
Day 15 – Shakeology Training Day
Day 16 – Learning to Follow up like a Pro
Day 17 – Accountability / Progress Update day
Day 18 – The Importance of attending Team Beachbody Events
Day 19 – How to Lead a Beachbody Challenge Group
Day 20 – Vital Behavior Focus: Being PROOF the Products work
Day 21 – Giving Recognition when it’s Due
Day 22 – Introducing the Team Beachbody Leadership Ladder
Day 23 – Success Club Check in day
Day 24 – Group Prize Announcement…who’s gonna qualify?
Day 25 – Taking MASSIVE Action to hit your goal
Day 26 – Activities to finish the month strong and fill your first Challenge Group
Day 27 – Reviewing Rank Specific Training from Team Beachbody
Day 28 – Tracking your Activity
Day 29 – Not everyone will….but ANYONE can
Day 30 – Moving Forward…our VISION for YOU

If you want to focus on doing and learning everything at the start, or want a team culture that is built around inviting first to a join a business…we are not your mentors or your team.

But, if you can buy into the mission above and want to focus on becoming the BEST version of yourself through a self development programs, improved nutrition and more consistent exercise…then we are your mentors and team.


I want to be REALLY clear…we don’t shy away from the opportunity to earn a significant income. Not at all. In fact, we’ve created a checklist of milestones to work towards earning a consistent $500/week as a Team Beachbody coach that you can download here.

But we’ve just learned the BEST way to achieve financial success that lasts is to become excellent and consistent and focusing on the mission. If you meet people where they are at physically (or financially)…and then show them the tools that can work for them, you significantly increase the likelihood of good things happening for both parties.

This is how Katy created her success.

She SHOWED people how to be successful with the programs and then she courageously invited and supported people to reach their goals. It’s the same approach these amazing ladies have taken to create significance and success.

You don’t have to OVERcomplicate being a Team Beachbody Coach.

If you are interested in joining our team and enrolling in our next new coach training, shoot us a brief email at

We can set up a time to chat so that we can learn about you and your goals and share more about what getting started looks like for you

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.

*****Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.*****

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