Beachbody Ultimate Reset: Complete Week 1 Review

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 1 | The Graues


If you’ve been “off track” with your health and fitness in the last 30 days you know it’s an awful feeling. Tired. Grumpy. Stressed. Overweight…BLAH.

There comes a point where you hit your I’ve had enough point.

That’s where I was a week or so before I started the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. My “I’ve had enough” moment came standing on the scale at my pre-op doctor’s visit when I saw the number 191 pounds. My first thought was to estimate the weight of my shoes and clothing, and then I double checked that my phone, keys and wallet weren’t in my pockets.

They were not.

But as I type this review of my week 1 experience I’m feeling much better. More relaxed, excited to begin exercising again and I’m waking up BEFORE my alarm.

Oh and I’m down 10 lbs. after the first seven days* dropping from 189 pounds to 179 pounds, which is freakin’ amazing.

But the reason I write this blog isn’t to talk about ME. It’s to help YOU.

Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re feeling now like I felt a short time ago. You have questions about the Ultimate Reset. You’re wondering if it’s something you can finish.  You’re curious if you could experience results similar to those you’ve seen, heard about or even read about on this page before.

You want to know what to expect, what the supplement regimen is like, what the food is like. And you want to know if it’s worth the investment of your time and money.

It absolutely is…but let’s dive in.


Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review | The Graues


What is the nutrition focus on week 1, the Reclaim phase?

The week 1 meal plan is a standard, healthy balanced plan that includes nuts, veggies (lots of greens), fresh fruit, healthy fats and oils, salmon, chicken, some grains and a few portions of dairy. But there is NO added, processed sugar, no caffeine, no red meat, pastas or alcohol.

The goal of week 1 is to begin the transition from a “pre-Ultimate Reset diet.” A diet that in many cases is high in UNhealthy fats, processed salts, calories, alcohol, starches and sugar and preservatives just to name a few. It’s a diet that over the last four decades has contributed to an obesity epidemic here in the USA, and abroad.

Just know that the food is great and it’s a meal plan can you could comfortable repeat moving forward and feel 100% satisfied with.


Download this cheat sheet for 10 tips for Success with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset


There are few meals that take a little while to prep. Dinner on Day 2 and Day 3 will be quicker if you steam your short grain brown rice in advance. Actually, you’d be well-served to prep lentils, quinoa and oatmeal in advance, too. If you have the option to purchase your pumpkin seed already roasted that’s a time saver as well. They add so much texture and flavor and a back a nutrient PUNCH.

There is a learning curve in rolling your Nori rolls. LOL! But don’t sweat it if they fall apart. We’ve had some winners and some losers, but this bamboo sushi roller helps and is inexpensive.

Lastly, one of the MAJOR FOCUSED of week 1 is to get you back into the habit of staying hydrated. You’ll probably think you’re going to drowned with the amount of water you consume, but it goes a LONG way to helping your body perform at its best.

Did we use the Participant Portal?

OMG…YESSS!!! It’s a lifesaver. It’s where you download your printable week by week grocery lists and you can even watch a short 1 – 3 minute video that shows how EACH MEAL is prepared!! Here a behind the scenes screen shot of the Participant Portal:


Ultimate Reset Participant Portan | The Graues


All you have to do is click on the video on the left hand side of the screen to watch someone preparing each meal.

What kind of water did we drink?

The recommendation is to drink distilled water during the Ultimate Reset.

We have had a Puritan Springs water dispenser for more than a decade. We decided to keep using the 5 gallon bottles of fluoridated water which has been purified by reverse osmosis. It tastes great, comes out of the dispenser chilled and is definitely MORE than a few steps above tap water, especially where we live.

To be honest, we do not drink tap water at all, except when rinsing after brushing our teeth.

We do drink SOME distilled water but only when we are out and about. When we are on the go our “go to” bottled water product is the 1 liter bottles of Smart Water, which is distilled water with some electrolytes added in. We enjoy the taste and it might sound silly but it’s a HUGE plus that it’s one of the only large sized water bottles that fits in our vehicles’ cup holders!

How did I take the mineralize?

The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition guide recommends 15ish shakes of the Mineralize supplement three times a day. Some people choose to dissolve it in water and drink it but that’s a “no can do” for me personally. It remind me of when my mom had me try to gargle with salt water when I had a sore throat. I just can’t do it. I’m like Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases.

I’ve shaken the mineralize onto my hand, and I’ve also shakes it directly onto my tongue and followed it was a big glass of water.

Figure out what works best for you.

Did I incorporate exercise in week 1 of the Ultimate Reset?

As I discuss in the our top tips cheat sheet, strenuous exercise is not recommended at all during the Ultimate Reset. I was actually recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery to remove a meniscus tear during week 1. So, other than walking the dog I did not exercise at all.

Stretching, walking, restorative yoga and/or Tai Cheng are recommended means of exercise. If you weren’t aware, Team Beachbody Club Members get access to both Tai Cheng and the 3 Week Yoga Retreat via Beachbody on Demand. I plan to access that in week 2 and beyond.

How did I feel during week 1 of the Ultimate Reset?

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I had my ups and downs.

Mostly it was related to feeling restless from having to stay off my feet the first week after my knee scope. I missed being active, and I also missed my coffee… But it didn’t help to be detoxing while also experiencing the consequences of being off track with my sugar intake in the months prior.

Overall, the food prep, the dishes, the supplements, etc. didn’t impact me.

It is fairly common that days 3-5 can be tough as you withdraw from sugar, alcohol, caffeine and the detox process begins. This is something to be aware of when selecting your start date. If you’re OFF of work on the weekends, then you’d want to start on a Wednesday, not Monday.

Make sense?

What were my favorite meals from week 1?

Can I say ALL of the above? Except Tempeh on day 6; I’m not a fan.

The smoked tempeh you use in the Nori rolls is ok.

My favorite breakfast meals were the eggs, kale and toast on days 1 and 3, and fresh fruit plate and yogurt on day 4.

My favorite lunch meals were the Greek salad with chicken and pine nuts on day 1 and the Quinoa Salad, hummus and fresh veggies on day 5.

My favorite dinner meals were the Zucchini-Cashew soup on Day 6, Nori rolls on Day 3 and Cucumber and Tomato Salad on Day 4.

I’ll just the a few pictures do the talking:

Ultimate Reset Recipe image | The Graues


Beachbody Reset lunch | The Graues


Zucchini Cashew Soup | The Graues


Reset Recipe | The Graues


In conclusion, my week 1 experience with this round of the Ultimate Reset was a HUGE success. Maybe I had a little bit of an advantage being that this wasn’t my first Ultimate Reset Rodeo.

But I want to be REALLY honest with you.

The Ultimate Reset is NOT easy. It takes EFFORT. It takes DISCIPLINE. And your first 3-5 days might be a lil rough.

But this is to be expected.

While our body is VERY efficient and an absolute miracle in what it is able to do, detoxing from months or perhaps years of exposure to pollutants, pesticides, preservatives and chemicals over the course of 21 days isn’t going to be EASY.

I’ve DONE the research. There are MANY detox programs and cleanses on the market.

Even several “remedies” you can whip up using mostly your spice rack and water. Often times the goal of these programs is to STARVE the body of the nutrients it needs to detox in a healthy way.

THAT is where the Beachbody Ultimate Reset stands head and shoulders above other detox programs. I include that here in my week 1 conclusion because I expect this will also be one of your BIGGEST takeaways, too. In fact, people completing the Ultimate Reset RARELY report experiencing hunger because they enjoy three satisfying meals each day, with the option for a snack.

The supplements you take in week 1 may take some getting used to, but they are easy to adjust to and incorporate into your day and routine.

I hope this review has been helpful. Also, if you haven’t yet done so make sure that you download our top tips for success with the Ultimate Reset and I hope you’ll want to move on to read my Week 2 Review and Week 3 Review as well.

If you have done the Beachbody Ultimate Reset what were you biggest takeaways from the Week 1 Reclaim phase? 

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