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Ultimate Reset Results | The Graues

Well here we are…my week 3 review and FINAL results post for this experience with the Ultimate Reset.  If you’re just finding this post you will likely find it helpful to go back and read my Week 1 and  week 2 complete Ultimate Reset reviews, too.

We’re going to conclude with an EPIC review today…over 3,000 words from my experience, so hold on and finish to the very end.

Before I even get started though I will tell you that there is a VERY important component of this review that is MISSING.

My “before” pictures.

Total. COACH. Fail.

I was so frustrated with how I felt when starting that I had decided I was “just doing this for me” and that I wasn’t even going to share too much of my journey on social media. This of course was terrible advice I gave myself.

Sharing our journey, both the ups and the downs is what coaches DO. Along the way we connect with people who relate to us for where we are.

It didn’t take long, maybe 4 days into the program, until began to change my tune. WHY? I was already feeling better.

I started posting about what I was doing to my Facebook, BUT I didn’t’ take pictures…STILL. By then I was already down 5-7 lbs. and 10 lbs. after the first week. I didn’t want to be disingenuous by posting and submitting before pics that were already missing 7-10 pounds of me.

Anyhow, that’s the back story…I so wish I could take a do over with that. But I can’t so let’s still dive RIGHT IN to what my main takeaways were for the final week and for the Beachbody Ultimate Reset as a whole.

What is the nutrition focus on week 3, the Restore phase?

It’s pretty simple…by week 3 of the Ultimate Reset you’ve transitioned to a 100% vegan diet where you’ve eliminated not only all animal-based proteins but also legumes (beans) and ALL grains.  I want to be totally honest with you in this review, as I have bee so far… this was a tougher week food-wise for me.

I could easily consume the menu in week 1 and week 2 on a forever plan, but week 3 was a challenge and I did have a few cheats throughout the week.

A major factor that I think contributed to my challenge with sticking to the plan was that I got a little complacent. I was pretty happy with my results through week 2!! I had already gotten EVERYthing I wanted and NEEDED from this Reset, so I slacked a touch where I DIDN’T the first few weeks. I’m not sharing that to give you permission to slack in week 3. In fact, it’s one of the things I kinda regret.

I didn’t get way off track, but I had some corn chips, a lemon LaraBar, an EPIC venison bar and a Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond bar. LOL! (Can you tell we received a shipment from Thrive Market?). And I think I snuck a small handful of M & Ms and some Indiana FIT Himalayan salt popcorn.

…AND on day 1 of week 3 my brother got married. There was beer and beef. And wedding cake. More on that below.

Anyhow, now that I have that off my chest both sharing that the food focus wasn’t my favorite and that I snuck in a few cheats, I do want to share the positives, too. I still felt great and enjoyed many meals. For example, we LOVED some butternut squash, especially prepared in a new simple way.

(SIDE NOTE: The menu actually calls for delicata squash but for the love of Steve (?) I cannot find that. I’m in a lifelong slump here.)

Anyhow, back to the squash. We have always prepared squash the way we are instructed to in the Ultimate Reset cookbook. Cut it in half, remove the seeds and place it face down in about 1/4 inch of water while you bake it at 375 degrees until fork tender.

What we found as more simple that allowed the entire squash to cook faster and more evenly was to peel the outside away and then slice in 1/2″ thick pieces. We sprayed both sides with a little cooking spray and seasoned each piece as directed in the recipe and then baked them on a parchment paper lined baling sheet for about 15-20 minutes at the same 375 degrees.

It was a great, simple and light work around. You can see our work in the pic below.

I’ll go into more detail a little later on the nutrition focus with my week #3 favorite foods!


How to make squash | The Graues

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Did I incorporate exercise in week 3 of the Ultimate Reset?

As I discussed in my in-depth week 1 Ultimate Reset review, strenuous exercise is NOT recommended during the Reset. BUT, there are four types of movement / exercise you CAN do and that are encouraged; restorative yoga being one of them.

As luck would have it Beachbody launched their newest program, 3 Week Yoga Retreat in the middle of week 3 of my Ultimate Reset. I was able to knock out the first 3 days o this program which is NOT AVAILABLE via DVD…it’s a 100% EXCLUSIVE for Premium Team Beachbody Club Members via Beachbody on Demand.

I also worked in two additional Tai Cheng workouts, so 5 days of movement during week 3 of the Reset.

A very popular question from people that we’ve coached is how they go about getting BACK into more strenuous exercise when they finish the Reset. There is specific guidance and a few paragraphs dedicated to this question in the program guide. But for a Cliff’s Notes version, know that week 1 after you finish you should try to ease back into activity, while making modifications where necessary.

Week 2 after finishing you can let ‘er rip!

3 week Yoga Retreat Ultimate Reset | The Graue

How did I feel during week 3 of the Ultimate Reset?

This is probably one of the more important questions of this review.


Because for me, how I FELT during week 3 is WHY I started the Ultimate Reset in the first place. YES, I dropped 16 lbs. in 21 days…and it was encouraging to get back to my jeans and button up shirts being less snug and “full”. And it was great to regain confidence in myself to say NO to sugary and salty processed foods more often, and YES to my long term goals.

But waking up energized with a plan to follow and a purpose to live out set the tone for the day. So overall, except for my weak moments with some food choices I mentioned above, I felt great.

I did nap 5 days of the week (and throughout the whole Reset), but that is a habit I intentionally put into practice more than a year ago. I use to feel GUILTY about napping but then learned about the health benefits and PRODUCTIVITY benefits during a live training event I participated in with the Franklin Covey group in Dallas, TX in 2013.

There are indeed benefits to slowing down so you can SPEED UP.

I didn’t get consistent with it until I heard the message again from one of my mentors from afar, Michael Hyatt, who did a podcast episode and blog on the 5 reasons you should take a nap every day.

Check it out, and it’s another healthy habit I’d recommend you incorporate at least on a trail basis.

What supplements do you take in week 3 of the Reset?

The supplement regimen simplifies a little bit in week 3 being that you are finished with mixing Detox three times a day. You replace that with Revitalize which helps to restore the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut. Don’t freak out…you NEED bacteria in your gut. Their role is key…they break down carbohydrates, promote a healthy immune system and control the overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

Health Ambition has a VERY nice, comprehensive review on the role of probiotics in health if you’d like some more info on the topic.

So to get to the answer, you take Optimize and Revitalize three daily daily before meals. You drink your Power Greens shot in the afternoon between lunch and your optional snack. You take Soothe before your evening meal, AND last but not least you take Mineralize before all meals and with your Power Greens.

Just know that by week 3 you’ll be a total PRO at your supplement schedule. The little carrying card for your Reset caddy helps, too.

What were my favorite meals during week 3?

This section has become one of my favorites of these 3 weekly review posts.

As I mentioned earlier…the food this week was my least favorite of the 3 weeks. I think one of the other challenges for me during week 3 eating is that I FREAKING LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD. To be honest, a fruit plate didn’t really cut it for me EVERY day for 7 days. YES, I chose some deliciously amazing seasonal fruits, but I like more variety throughout the week.

But, I get it…I needed to eat the foods to let my body do its detoxifying thing.

My favorite breakfast foods of week #3 were the granny smith apples, tomatoes from my dad’s garden (they’re a fruit right?) and FRESH PEACHES. OMG…it was PEAK season for peaches.  I also enjoyed frozen blueberries that we had picked in Michigan last month.

My favorite lunch items during week #3 were Asian Cabbage Salad and Moroccan Carrot Salad over mixed greens.

My favorite dinner items during week #3 were the Garlic Veggies, Curried Cauliflower, Lemony Asparagus and Broccoli and Braised Greens.

And now, for the last time…you get to eat with your eyes —>

Ultimate Reset Week 3 food | The Graues


Ultimate Reset week 3 recipe | The Graues


Ultimate Reset Braised Greens | The Graues

ONE more thing for this section…

As I alluded to earlier in the review I got a lil off course this last week. By a little off course I mean I still stuck to the plan about 95% of the time.

But day 1 of week 3 was a super special day that I was going to celebrate with my wife, kids, brothers, friends, in-laws, nieces, nephews and cousins. While I did have 3 beers, a piece of cake, and a delicious meal that included some beef and a dinner roll, I didn’t lose a lot of sleep over it. Actually I lost NONE. Here’s why…

What I could have let totally derail me did not. What I ALSO want to mention is that I DID prepare and pack two meals which I ate from a cooler in my hotel room. We arrived at the hotel an hour before our pictures and there I was eating avocado, Asian Cabbage Salad and Miso Soup.

Sunday morning on the way home I ate day old “fresh” fruit out of a plastic tupperware container and had no coffee, while the kids enjoyed their Starbucks.

It’s times like these when we DO WHAT’S HARD that build up our confidence the most.

Here are Katie and I’s meals for the 24 hour period on the road, outside of what we ate and drank at the reception:

Ultimate Reset and Traveling | The Graues


Can you drink Shakeology during the Ultimate Reset?

Fear not Shakeology-aholics.

Just because Shakeology is NOT on the daily menu plan you CAN incorporate either Vegan Chocolate or Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology during the Ultimate Reset as a alternative breakfast option during phase 1 or phase 2, OR as a snack during any of the 3 phases.

The only exception is that during week 3 it’s recommended to reduce the serving to a half scoop or packet as week 3 calls for consuming LESS protein.

I actually had it every day for a snack, so my streak as an official Shakeology 365er (much longer in reality…) is still intact.

What other healthy habits did I FOCUS on during the Reset?

I already mentioned in the blog series the importance of prioritizing sleep as a healthy habit to maximize your results. Sleep truly matters with the detox process AND we also seem to have stronger discipline when we feel rested compared to when we feel tired.

Anyhow, another habit that I would strongly recommend is to choose to be in the 10% of adults that read to improve themselves.

What I’m saying is to pass on the Paula Hawkins, Tom Clancy, and J.S. Scott novels for 21 days. I didn’t include E. L. James, and her 50 Shades of Grey books because truth be told that series would probably improve your marriage! LOL!

I found reading and other forms of self development (podcasts, live events, online courses, etc.) when I joined the Team Beachbody community in 2010, and it literally was a LIFE CHANGING find. That’s not an understatement.

If you were to be in my office right now you’d see behind me three bookshelves with 150+ books that have helped to challenge and transform my philosophies these last 7 years. I wish that opportunity for you as well.

I read from a few books during the 21 days, but the one I want to focus on is Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.

Made to Crave Book Lysa T. | The Graues

At the time I completed this round of the Ultimate Reset I was also intentionally seeking out a stronger relationship with God. This book in particular was a PERFECT fit to do that and also fight my cravings for food as I was trying to detoxify myself from with opportunities for prayer.

I read a chapter a day and then also set aside time afterwards to reflect and pray on what I read. During the reflection time I started to type out prayers in the Notes section of my iPhone that I could learn and recite throughout the day.

These were some of the prayers that this book helped my to draw strength from during the Reset:

“Lord I know that everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. In this moment I’m struggling to feed my craving for You with the comfort of food.”

“Lord give me strength to feel satisfied with healthier choices during my deprived state, to say NO to the empty promise of this food choice and yes to growing closer to You and Your fulfillment.”

“Help me to pause in this moment…and remember what’s MOST important to my physical, emotional and spiritual well being not just now but everyday moving forward.”

“I ask for Your presence in these moments of struggle to be reminded that You made me for more than this and that You have much bigger plans for me than this struggle.”

“Lord help me to be reminded that my being less fit than I’d like is not Your curse on me but merely an outside indication that internal changes are needed for me to feel well and be the energized, healthy, creative person You made me to be.”

“Lord Your power and presence today is more than enough to help me through my struggles. I know that Your strength is what I can call on and count on in moments of weakness, stress or disappointment.”

“Help me to define my success today and this week not by any numbers or results but by my obedience to You and to my plan.”

“My body and my health is a gift, imperfections and all; help me to see that, be grateful for it and USE it for good.”

This was a great solution for me, and would be for anyone looking to strengthen their relationship with God during the process. I’m not trying to convert anyone here by the way…just being totally transparent about MY process.

Some other FABULOUS books you could dive into are, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy or Start with Why by Simon Sinek. All amazing…

What were my final results of the 21 Day Ultimate Reset?

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse Results | The Graues

Let’s get to the brass tax.

What were my results? Well, I’ve outlined MANY of the benefits throughout this 3 blog series, but from a “measurement” perspective here is what I achieved.

I decreased my overall weight from 189 pounds on Day 1 to 173 pounds the morning after day 21. Pretty incredible.

While that was thrilling, what I was more excited about as someone with a STRONG family history of Heart Disease, Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes was that my waist circumference decreased from 37 inches at the start to 34.5 inches at the finish. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) outlines an association between waist circumference and certain obesity-related chronic conditions like type 2 Diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and other conditions.

I’ve known this for years, being that I’m a retired pharmacist whose PRIMARY area of interest was Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.

I had experienced some guilt and regret over my choices and bad habits the previous 6-12 months that were contributing to me gaining weight, especially in my belly. I was approaching that 40 inch mark and that’s not a good place to be for dudes.

But, let’s conclude by confirming I was thrilled with the course correction I made during the Ultimate Reset.


This 21 day experience was exactly what I needed, and sharing the experience on this blog has also given me a lot of joy and helped me to become a better Coach for the Ultimate Reset.

There were days that were tough, but not near as tough as waking up for months resolving to battle my cravings and the consequences that come with poor focus and a lack of nutritional discipline.

In the end I lost 8.5% of my body weight, which STILL blows my mind.

Before we wrap things up I wanted to remind you to make certain you download our 10 Tips for Success with the Ultimate Reset. These are our top tips after having personally completed the Reset 6 times and coached DOZENS of people through it.

If you’ve read the 3 separate reviews we’ve published for each week of the Ultimate Reset and you are ready to be coached by us, you can review your options for getting started here.

Just make sure to comment below OR send us a quick email at thegraues@gmail.com to let us know that you’ve selected the Reset kit that works for you. We’ll have some special instructions and resources to share with you when you’re order is placed.

If you’ve thought about doing the Ultimate Reset in the past but have not yet committed to do it…we’d love to hear WHY you’re holding out.

Is it not having confidence that you can complete it?
Price related?
Not sure what to expect?

Not sure you’ll enjoy the foods?

We’d love to hear what’s holding you back from GETTING STARTED. Please comment below, or if you’d prefer you can email us at thegraues@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully coaching you through it!!

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