Team Beachbody Success Stories: Oct. 2016

Beachbody Coach Success Story | The Graues

Meet Mark and Jill M. – 50K Club Members

As we continue to freshen things up on we feel absolutely compelled to acknowledge a PHENOMENAL leader, Jill M. A few months back Jill and her husband Mark surpassed a cool milestone having joined the diamondELITE 50K Club which means that collectively they’ve earned greater than $50,000 as a Team Beachbody Coach team. 🙂

We came to know Jill several years back when she was working as one of the Physician’s Assistant in the same office as the physician we saw. One fateful day, Jill and Katie recognized each other while crossing paths outside of the office in Old Navy.

Katie was wearing an INSANITY hat and Jill was currently enjoying P90X. A convo was started and a friendship began…one which has brought Jill, her vision and huge heart to our team and allowed Jill to fulfill her purpose while being a stay at home mom.

Why did you CHOOSE to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

“I started coaching because I fell in love with the programs and Shakeology. I began to naturally share with others so it was an obvious transition for me. I was searching for something for ME at the time in my life. Somewhere that I had a purpose along with being a SAHM.

My passion for health and fitness coupled with my desire to be home with the kids made Beachbody the perfect fit.”

How has being a Team Beachbody Coach changed your life?

“I am not the same person I was when I first joined. I am so much more confident in who I am. This has nothing to do with my physical transformation and EVERYTHING to do with me finally believing in myself and the role I serve for others.”

How has the income you’ve earned as a Team Beachbody Coach helped?

“The added income has alleviated stress from my husband who was the sole provider for our family. A weight has been lifted from his shoulders which is hard to even put into words. I have been able to stay at home with our kids which is absolutely WHERE I WANT TO BE.

I want to be here when they get off the bus, to do homework, to drive to activities. And, we are on target to pay off our 20 year mortgage in 9 years, if not sooner. This is a huge blessing and goal we have for our family – to be completely debt free.”

Please help us in congratulating Jill and Mark on this awesome accomplishment. 🙂 We’re proud of the way you approach what you do and the MANY people you have helped and will continue to inspire and help.

Make sure to follow Jill at

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.


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Meet Meagan S.

Earlier this year we recognized our friend and teammate Meagan on our Facebook page for her incredible testimonial completing while The Masters Hammer and Chisel.

She has since gone on to complete other Beachbody program, most recently the Ultimate Reset, while growing her team and leading others with her HUGE heart. Meagan is from Ft. Worth, TX…but now resides in “the Lou”…St. Louis, MO with her husband Joel and their two kiddos, a son age 3 and daughter age 1.


Why did you CHOOSE to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

“I have suffered with a poor body image and self confidence issues practically my entire life. My weight struggles and constantly comparing myself to other women was a constant battle that caused me anxiety and a roller coaster of emotions.

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I panicked, and realized I had to come up with a solution. I didn’t want my perfect precious little girl growing up, and my self image issues rubbing off on her.

So, after she was born I started the Beachbody programs and became inspired by all of the amazing, strong, and positive Coaches in this business. I decided to join them, and realized this was the solution I had been looking for.

I have now lost 20 pounds total, and I have never felt so strong or more confident. I don’t compare myself and my body with other women. I appreciate other women’s successes and hard work, but there is no more body shaming. As I grew and became more confident as an individual and a Coach, I realized my WHY had changed, too.

I want to be able to pass this amazing GIFT onto other women out there struggling and feeling stuck with themselves. I want other women to join me and learn just what our bodies are capable of, and discover by encouraging each other and providing a support system we can achieve our biggest dreams.”

She is doing just that and recently completed 8 consecutive weeks of the The Master’s Hammer & Chisel where she transformed her body and got incredible results while being a GREAT leader in our Coach-Only Challenge Group!

Meagan and Joel are the co-founders of Trinity Fitness, where they are laying a solid foundation of honesty and a genuine desire to help others. They have strong belief in Zig Ziglar’s teaching that “you can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

She and Joel have huge goals for themselves and their growing team, and Beachbody is the solution to help them get there.

We’re proud of you BOTH and so grateful to have met you! We appreciate how you SERVE with heart and are great people who we look forward to growing a LONG TERM friendship with.

You can follow their journey at their Trinity Fitness Like page OR at


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Meet Alicia C. – 25K Club Member

It’s time for some more recognition for a financial milestone that one of the SUPER FIT and passionate coaches on our team hit within the past month.

Big congrats to Nels and Alicia C. for joining the “25K Club” by hitting the $25,000 earning milestone as a Team Beachbody Coach.

The Carlsons, who live in Phoenix, AZ, have been married for 7 1/2 years. They are dog lovers and have 3 crazy pups that they’ve rescued: Scout, 9; Rusty, 8; and Chase, 8 months. Nels is in the HVAC business and Alicia is employed by the Mayo Clinic as a Physician’s Assistant.

How has being a Team Beachbody Coach changed your life?

“First and foremost, my attitude has changed for the better since becoming a coach! I have had such a positive outlook and get so excited to see my challengers rock their goals! That is what puts a huge smile on my face ever single day!!!

In addition, it has helped Nels and me stay on track with our health and fitness goals. The added income has been a huge bonus and has helped us do things we had dreamed of but much sooner!”

How has the income you’ve earned as a Team Beachbody Coach helped?

“With my added income from Beachbody, we definitely have my car payment covered every month. We also have been able to pay for multiple upgrades in our house, including some added features to our backyard oasis and master bathroom that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

..AND I can’t forget to mention vacations we’ve been able to pay for without touching credit card funds! This company has been such a blessing for us, keeping us nutritiously, physically, AND financially fit!”

Why did you CHOOSE to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

“I fell in love with INSANITY, which was the first at-home Beachbody program I ever completed almost 4 years ago. Between INSANITY and Shakeology, I was hooked! I finally got past my plateau that I had been stuck in for a few years.

I was so happy that I signed up to be a coach because I wanted to share the same success with others! As a Physician Assistant, I felt it was a natural addition to help others! I have never looked back!!”

We’re so proud of what Alicia has accomplished and are grateful to her for her contribution to the team and the passion, fun and energy that she brings to others.


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Meet Tara D.

This month we are THRILLED to feature Emerald Coach Tara D…and what she’s been able to do will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Tara lives in Cheswick, PA with her husband and their two kids, Bridgett (age 2) and Stephen (age 1). 🙂

Tara has been a coach for a little over a year now …AND over the course of the 18 months or so Tara has lost 80 POUNDS, 84 INCHES and 4 pants sizes while completing 11 rounds of 21 Day Fix, 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme, while also incorporating Shakeology daily. DAY-um!

UPDATE: Tara has now lost over 93 lbs. and was recognized as one of the daily $500 Beachbody Challenge winners!!!! Check out her updated testimonial HERE.

Why did you CHOOSE to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

“I started as a Coach because I needed to help myself and other people like me that were struggling with weight issues. I have been heavy throughout my whole life and I needed a change in my life.

I knew if I became a Coach I could help myself and others stay motivated and support each other. I needed to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people. So I figured I would give Coaching a try. Now I am loving it and loving MYSELF.”

Her success does not stop with her health transformation…🙂

She qualified as a New Coach Success Starter during her first 3 months of coaching earning herself a FREE Ticket to the Sold Out 2016 Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Nashville, TN.

She is currently an Emerald Coach but quickly working her way toward Diamond! Through her focus on helping and bringing value to others, Tara has been able to pay off her credit card debt AND is officially registered to attend and earn the 2017 Team Beachbody Success Club Trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.


Please show Tara some love for all she’s accomplished and if you know Tara and have not yet joined her team or participated in her Challenge Group…it’s TIME to do that. 🙂

You can connect with and follow Tara and her journey here:


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Meet Alexis B. – 125K Club Member

We are SOOOO proud to recognize Katie’s high school BFF and amazing coach, Alexis, for hitting the 125K milestone in her coaching business a few months back! What this means is that she has earned more than $125,000 since she started as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Alexis and her husband, David, live in Cedar Park, Texas with their two boys…AND the family geckos. 🙂

Why did you CHOOSE to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

“I thought it fit perfectly into the life that I wanted to lead in that is portable, and I could work from home or anywhere with flexible hours. And I needed flexibility to be able to take Blake to doctor appointments at a moments notice.

It’s also great for me because naturally, being a physical therapist, I could help others with fitness tips and motivation.”

How has being a Team Beachbody Coach changed your life?

“With the income I’ve earned as a team beachbody coach I was able to pay part of our pool. We wouldn’t have been able to fulfill our dream of a backyard pool oasis without my added income.

It also has kept me on track with my health and fitness. Leading others helps me as much as them to keep weight off, make healthier eating choices and stay fit.”

How has the income you’ve earned as a Team Beachbody Coach helped?

“It has helped to pay for half of our backyard pool oasis and other house projects and updates. It also affords us the flexibility to go out to eat more and go to the movies more because we don’t have to worry as much when we need fun money.”

Again, HUGE congrats to the Browders! We love you and appreciate ALL that you do for the team, your friendship and can’t wait to visit and spend time with you as “housemates” once again at our next Team Beachbody Coach Summit in New Orleans in 2017.

*** Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. ***

Seriously excellent job on so many levels for these incredible ladies.

If you’ve been inspired by these amazing them. (you have…:) ) and are curious about what steps we recommend for going from new coach all the way to team beachbody coach earning $500/week then feel free to download this checklist for the milestones you can begin checking off on your way to that goal.

A next brilliant step would be to watch this short video and tell us about you, what’s important to you and how we can help you realize it!

We WILL continue sharing success stories like this EACH month…the only question is whether you’re going to choose to be one.

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