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21 Day fix meal ideas | The Graues

Are you surfing the web for 21 Day Fix Meal or Food ideas? Well, it’s your lucky day.

In this post we share an example day of eating with the Beachbody Portion Fix Containers… and then give you the opportunity to receive a few weekly menus if you like what you see.

THE most common question we get from the people is “what do you guys eat!?!?!?!!”

Well, for the MOST part we are flexatarians. We enjoy a variety of foods but enjoy LOTS of fresh veggies and fruit, nuts and seeds, legumes, healthy fats and oils, whole grains, fish, eggs. We also eat some lean protein, usually grilled chicken.

We rarely have red meat and we limit dairy (…meaning we don’t eat dairy if we aren’t eating pizza or ice cream). LOL!

To be honest, we could do better with our added sugars.Usually, we keep our portions in check here, but if we get off track during the 21 Day Fix or another program these are usually the culprit.

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The picture above is an picture of all the delicious foods that Katie ate just on Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix. You can see, we are about QUALITY of calories that FUEL us…and not about substantially cutting calories on starvation diets.

WHY? They are a terrible temporary solution that DOES NOT WORK. We’d rather fuel our bodies to perform for the long term. This is the approach these awesome people used in getting their results.

Anyhow, here’s what you are looking for:

Breakfast = 2 egg veggie omelet, EVOO, avocado (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue container)

Snack = Greek yogurt & mixed berries (1 red and 1 purple container)

Lunch = Amy’s Organic Bowl (black beans, quinoa, squash, chard) & a chocolate raw vegan protein shake (1 yellow, 1 green and 1 red container)

Snack = watermelon (1 purple container)

Dinner = sweet potato and a spinach salad with cucumbers & cherry tomatoes & Italian dressing (1 yellow, 1 green and 1 orange container)

Snack = vegan chocolate Shakeology (1 red container)

The container system REALLY does make it easy to learn how to eyeball the correct portion size of foods we consume, while also ensuring we get our nutrients from a wide variety of foods.

Brussel Sprouts image | The Graues

One reminder before this post is over…

When you are planning a few days of meals using your containers you’re going to want to eat from the top of each list as often as possible. The foods at the top of the list are the most healthy, nutrient-dense options on the list.

If you have questions on the 21 Day Fix or are looking for more resource, make sure to check out the 21 Day Fix Coaching Corner.

Best of Luck to you with your ongoing transformation and commitment to yourself.

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  • paula

    How do you count Amy’s Bowl in containers?

    • It depends on the bowl, but typically it’s a mix of 3-4 containers, most commonly a few yellows, a blue or red and a green. GREAT question