Team Beachbody Success Stories: Dec. 2016

Beachbody Success Story | The Graues

Meet Jodi C.

Jodi is a fellow graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, the same college that we graduated from in the early 2000s. We first reconnected with Jodi when she popped up on Facebook as “someone I might know” back in 2013. I have been inviting her to join my monthly accountability groups for years.

Finally, she was intrigued by my Country Heat group in July of 2016 and sent me the following message.

“Honestly, I’m just looking for something a little different. Lately, I’ve done 21 Day Fix & the Body Beast workouts. I’ve gotten away from the accountability aspect of my program and would like to get back to that. I’m not a big country music fan but it sounds like fun. I love to dance.”

Needless to say, Jodi did end up joining my Country Heat Group after doing Beachbody fitness programs on her own for years. She was hesitant about Shakeology at first but now faithfully drinks her Vanilla shake every day! I think it’s safe to say she’s a true believer in Beachbody programs, Shakeology, and my accountability groups!!!

What motivated Jodi to start her transformation?

“To get in better shape & tone up.”

What has she enjoyed MOST about her challenge group experience?

“The accountability…kept me working out even when I wanted to stop.”

What Beachbody Products has she used during her transformation?

“Shakeology, Country Heat, and currently 21 Day Fix Extreme along with 3 Week Yoga Retreat.”

What are her results as of in her 30 day Challenge Group?

“I’ve lost 6.6 pounds & 5.5 inches!”

Way to go Jodi! <3 having you in the monthly groups!


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Meet Katy Elbe – 5K Club Member

We want to extend a BIG, BIG congrats to Emerald Coach Katy Weber Elbe for joining the “5K Club” by hitting the $5,000 earning milestone as a Team Beachbody Coach!!

Katy has been happily married to her husband Matt for 6 years and they have a son, Keaton, who will be 2 in February. They also love Harley, their Labradoodle!

Why did you choose to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

“I began coaching in order to receive the 25% Coach discount, but quickly fell in love with the opportunity to help others in their health and fitness journeys while helping my family with a little extra income, in turn.”

Download this checklist of milestones to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach.

How has Team Beachbody Coaching changed your life?

“Being a coach has provided me with built-in ACCOUNTABILITY that has allowed me to reach my goals while helping others to do the same. It has also given me the opportunity to become more confident and reach out to not only friends and family but strangers as well, building new friendships and rekindling old! ”

How has the income you’ve earned as a Team Beachbody Coach helped?

“While I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon, Beachbody has allowed us to splurge in ways we previously would have never been able to, such as enjoying family camping trips, attending concerts, and buying toys for our little man. It’s also provided peace of mind as extra income when unexpected bills pop up which is always nice!”

Katy, you have inspired us with your INCREDIBLE transformation AND the energy you put into helping people get healthier online, at school, in your family, and in your community. YOU are soooo appreciated and we look forward to your continued success.

You can follow the Katy’s continuing fitness journey and quest to join the 10K club on Facebook here:


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Meet Alethea B.

Alethea was in one of our challenge groups and we could not be happier for her! Check out her transformation in just 5 months!!

Here what she had to say about the Beachbody challenge group experience:

“I have lost 24 pounds since starting this group and more than 17 inches. I will continue with Turbojam workouts along with walking and light weights. I plan to continue to eat clean. I have increased my calorie intake by 200 calories per day but I am choosing the best calories I can consume. I am no longer looking at this as a diet, but as a lifestyle change that has now become a habit.”

A-freakin-men, Alethea. Congrats girl!


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Meet Janelle S.

I love sharing Janelle’s testimonial because it proves that people who are already fit and healthy can still get results with in-home fitness programs!

Here’s what Janelle had to say about her experience with Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix program:

“I had great results with the 21 Day Fix, lost about 6 pounds, but really toned up in my arms and legs. I could tell that my clothes and swimsuits fit looser. The best thing was really changing up my workouts. I was working out 2-3 hours every day before starting the 21 Day Fix and consolidated it into 30 minutes a day, and a dialed in diet! Proof that diet is key and you don’t have to work out hours every day to look good, just eat right!”

Prior to joining my challenge group, Janelle was blending up her own healthy smoothies and incorporating them into her daily meal plan. Replacing her old smoothies with Shakeology, a nutrient dense health shake, helped her to fuel her body with the added nutrition she needed to break through her fitness plateau. She has been drinking Shakeology as part of her daily health plan ever since (about 12 months now).

As parents, we cannot underestimate the power of healthy living in the present as well as the habits that we pass on to our children. Janelle is certainly doing that for her 4 young ones.

Congrats Janelle and THANKS for sharing a bit of your story.


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Meet Joel and Meagan Spalding – 10K Club Members

Big congrats to Joel and Meagan Thomas Spalding for joining the “10K Club” by hitting the $10,000 earning milestone as Team Beachbody Coaches!!

Meagan and Joel just celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary in October, and have been together for 13 years. They have two amazing, crazy active kids, Jackson (4) and Ashton (2)…AND two small dogs Maddox and Brooklyn. The Spaldings LOVE getting outside and being active together, one of their favorite places to go is the Saint Louis Zoo.

Why did you choose to become Team Beachbody Coaches?

“Shortly after Ashton was born, we had decided that Meagan would quit her part-time job and stay home full-time with the kids, which definitely made things tight financially trying to manage all of the expenses that come along with kids, bills, and student loans.

We were looking for a way that we could build something together…something that we both had a passion for and that would allow us to achieve our goals of being able to stay home with our kids, be present in their lives, and live a life that was free from financial stress.

Beachbody has given us the opportunity to do this and the best part is that we get to share it with others and help them live healthier fuller lives.”

How has Team Beachbody Coaching changed your lives?

“One of the biggest changes personally is probably the dedication to personal development and creating new habits to improve ourselves and our business. We use to spend our weekday evenings sitting on the couch watching TV shows and “talking” about wanting to do something, but never really did.

Now if we find ourselves in a situation where we can’t work on our business or work on bettering ourselves it just feels weird, and we feel like we are missing out on something great. This has helped us to realize that if you truly want change it’s all about TAKING ACTION.”

How has the income you’ve earned as a Team Beachbody Coach helped?

“In every way really…To start it was amazing to have an additional income to help cover diapers, wipes, and formula. As our business has continued to grow we have been able to enroll our kids in extra camps and classes, take some fun family trips, and go on some extra well over due date nights.

Another thing that we really like to do is give a portion of what we earn back to our church and or other charities/ organizations for causes that we support.”

Joel and Meagan, you TRULY are special people. You have the heart of successful coaches, GENUINELY want to see other succeed and think bigger and most importantly you have EACH OTHER.

We look forward to your continued success AND to growing our friendship.

You can follow the Spalding’s continuing fitness journey and quest to join the 25K club on Facebook:


How incredible are these folks?

I mean, for REAL!

If you ask each of them they’ll certainly tell you is hasn’t been easy, that there have been tremendous sacrifices…but they’ll also each tell you it’s absolutely WORTH IT.


Sharing these stories gives us a warm fuzzy feeling…THIS is what Beachbody is about.

If you’ve been inspired by these ladies and are considering making a change to get healthier KNOW we would love to help AND that the BEST way we recommend to get started is in one of our Beachbody Challenge Mobile App groups.

You can apply to be a part of our next online Challenge group in these 3 simple steps.

LASTLY…as you’ve seen here, many people “graduate” from being a challenge group member to being a COACH. They share their journey online and in their communities and in turn, can earn supplemental income.

To get an idea of what it takes to work towards earning $500/week as a Team Beachbody Coach we recommend you download this checklist of milestones to check off on that journey.

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t yet connected with us on Facebook, make sure to like our page.


*****Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.*****

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