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I hope it’s ok that I tell you a little story that arrives at the current vision for our team…which we are SUPER EXCITED about.

To start, lets’s go back 7 1/2 years to late 2009 when I was battling having both a grand vision of a different future for our family AND several different types of fear PRIOR to enrolling as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Fear of the work it would take.
Fear of what people would think of me.
Fear of posting my vision on social media.
Fear of the person I would have to become to be successful.
Fear that I could fail.

But despite all of those fears, I decided to enroll on January 4th, 2010 (after a 3 1/2 months of him-hawing.) I just COULD NOT stop thinking of this grand vision in my head of having a team working on their own fitness AND spreading their message within their families and communities in ALL 50 STATES.

It was because of this vision that team fit50 was born.

It was something that I could share enthusiastically with people, and when I would talk to them they were able to feel my passion about it. We rolled with Team fit50 for 3+ years and progressed into well over 30 states. I even spent like $2,000 on the domain name AND went through the process of paying an attorney to trademark this LOGO and the term “fit50.”

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In hindsight, I’d really wish I’d not done that. LOL! #understatement. But, it’s one of MANY failures and missteps we’ve endured on the path to also realizing success.

Then, in early 2013 I started to consider changing the name for a few reasons.

  1. It turned out to be a shortsighted vision being that in late 2012 Team Beachbody launched in Canada and we were going to find coaches on our team there as well. And we did.
  2. One of the most common questions I would repeatedly get was something to the effect of,”Oh, fit50. So do you only help people over 50 get active and fit?” The common answer was that I help them, but that I did not discriminate based on age. 🙂 I wanted to get EVERYONE active and healthy.

So for these reasons I started asking around the team for ideas. I also remember sitting around the table at a Summit dinner in the Las Vegas MGM Grand with 10 amazing leaders on our team and discussing the idea and throwing out team name ideas.

I dragged my feet on the issue a little longer upon returning from Vegas and ultimately posted on our team Facebook page asking for ideas. There were A LOT that came in, but nothing really STUCK until someone suggested the name diamondELITE.

E.L.I.T.E. was even an acronym for something…but I cannot remember what exactly. It sounded pretty cool and it was a play on a few recognition achievements in Beachbody – diamond rank and ELITE recognition. Both are a pretty big deal…

So, we went with it.

For 3 more year, we rolled with it…hashtagged it, bought more domain names around it, got shirts with it…We did what you’re supposed to do with a team name. And while we never officially had a logo made, one of our coaches had a contact who created an image that we used inconsistently (I tried to find the image on my computer to post below…no such luck.)

I did make this fancy quote on my iPhone PicPlayPro app a few years ago when Rihanna had the song “Shine bright like a Diamond” on the top of the charts.

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There was a lot of great momentum around it, our team experienced tremendous success during the time and things were going well…BUT, there still was not this “stickiness” to it that I wanted. And people on the outside really couldn’t easily identify what “diamondELITE” meant.

Our team knew what it was, what it meant, etc., but did prospective team members? Prolly not…

Certainly not like they did, Team Impact, the Dream Team, Team Made, etc.


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So, I went back to the “drawing board” by doing some soul searching, praying about it, researching and reading A LOT to spur some inspiration…

Something clicked when I was reading James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself (for the second time) where he talked about how some of the most iconic, successful brands or businesses thought FAR BEYOND the product or service they were bringing to the market.

He gave these examples:

Henry Ford didn’t sell a Model-T at Ford…He sold the idea of having the freedom to go where you wanted to go.

Steve Jobs wasn’t selling tech gadgets at Apple…He sold the idea that individuals could be empowered AND have the tools to create and compete with big corporations from anywhere in the world.

Charles Schultz didn’t sell coffee at Starbucks…He sold the idea of the “Third Space” (beyond work and home) where you could have a great experience as a customer, with a book, laptop or friend…AND a cup of coffee.

In doing so, they made a HUGE impact…and they created a LOYAL following.

It was in reading these examples and reflecting on our team and Team Beachbody as a whole that I knew what our team NEW team name had to be anchored on…

When it comes down to it, Team Beachbody is not a health and fitness company. We are not a supplement company. We are not an MLM.

We are a TRANSFORMATION company…and so, our new team name is Team TransformNation.

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Making a TRANSFORMATION is more APPEALING than “starting a fitness program” or drinking a shake. I believe people want to know what they’re really made of. We have a team of people that show them how to do it and inspire and invite them to start their own transformation.

TRANSFORMATIONS come in many forms…not weight loss or health, although it’s a HUGE component that SO MANY from our team have made.

When it comes to looking forward as coaches and as a TEAM, I know these are just some examples of other transformations our team can inspire to make happen:

There are people who want to STOP living in fear and become the confident, outspoken leader they envision.

There are people who want to STOP overvaluing the opinions of others at the expense of their own. They want to START using their voice and finally unapologetically be who they are.

There are people who want to stop feeling stuck at a J.O.B. and START executing on their own AND do INSPIRED WORK.

There are people that NEED to get out from under the stress of being financially strapped to START having peace of mind.

There are people that are STUCK in a network of friends that are not serving their growth well…and they want to CHANGE it.

There are people who want the flexibility to see their kids more AND want to spend more quality time with their spouse or partner.

Honestly, these are transformations MOST of our team is working on RIGHT NOW. Hell, I know I am in at least a few areas. 🙂

For ALL of these transformations, I have 100% belief and confidence that being a part of our team and Team Beachbody as a whole, exercising consistently, learning to eat nutritiously, making time for self-development and serving others makes a transformation more possible than if they are not.

And I know there are people who would LOVE to do that and work towards earning an extra $1,000 a month for their family budget, too.

If any of this speaks to you, and you’re ready to make a transformation, we’d love to talk to you about joining Team TransformNATION.

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