Fitness Programs for Runners

Fitness Programs for Runners

Cross Training for Runners | The Graues

 Are you a runner that only runs…OR are you focused on also incorporating cross training to:

–>  Improve your running posture

–>  Increase your endurance

–>  Enhance your core strength

–>  Make you a faster, more durable runner

These are some of my favorite Beachbody workouts that I’ve used with much success, including during half marathon training. They include a mix of resistance training, high intensity cardio and yoga/flexibility work.


Chalene Johnson has created a workout program ideal for all fitness levels…and certainly runners. What makes PiYo unique is it’s awesome music with dynamic, flowing body weight exercises that were inspired by both yoga and pilates. YOU KNOW you don’t focus enough on flexibility…and I right? Well this is a fun was to focus on active stretch that sculpts muscle and improves flexibility. There are “sequences” of exercises but not “choreographed” so you don’t have to be super coordinated and it’s completely LOW IMPACT and the workouts range from 17-45 minutes so you can still run…run…run. Here’s a Clip!

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The Masters Hammer and Chisel

“Everyday is leg day with the Masters Hammer and Chisel.” Ha. We’ve heard this from a few people, and quite honestly having done the program it’s true that this program will work your base and core. This is an ideal program to strengthen your glutes, core, back and legs. It will help your running posture and help you to power through those hills and last few miles.

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Brazil Butt Lift

I know right? It’s true. 🙂 You talk about squats and lunges galore that not only shapes your glutes and legs, but also prepares you for running season…this one does it. It’s a lil choreographed, just so you know. But also FUN…See for yourself!

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Need Anaerobic training?? There’s NO tougher test than INSANITY Max:30. Get ready to MAX OUT for MAX RESULTS! With INSANITY MAX:30, the only thing standing between you and the best body of your life…is YOU. There’s no equipment needed in these killer cardio and strength workouts. Just push to your MAX and get insane results in 30 minutes a day. Here’s a sneak peek.



Get Results ACCELERATED with P90X3, and still get your running in. This is a great all around cross training program that focuses on core, cardio, yoga/flexibility and resistance training. This particular program, perhaps moreso than the others recommended on this page works your entire body without feeling like you were hit by a train. And the 30 minute workout duration is a HUGE improvement over P90X and P90X2. Here’s a trailer for you to check out.

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Focus T25

Want to sneak in some cardio, core and body weight training exercises in 25 minutes? Focus T25 is your answer. This program is different from INSANITY in that INSANITY, while an amazing, intense program, does take a toll on your body. Specifically your joints. Focus T25 is MUCH lower impact on your joints but still helps to work in some important cross training while allowing you the flexibility to train for your upcoming event. Here’s a preview.

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